Dominic Cooper Might be Custer in ‘Preacher’ TV Adaptation

It looks like the Marvel universe’s Howard Stark, Dominic Cooper, might be jumping ships to Preacher, from DC’s Vertigo imprint…

Not everyone follows the lesser known comic studios, –but Vertigo is pretty popular, –it’s just not always directly joined to the DC universe. One of Vertigo’s publications, Preacher, is rumoured to be headed to TV with Dominic Cooper as the frontrunner for the role of Jesse Custer in the TV series. If any comic deserved its own syndicated TV slot, Preacher is the one. 

For those of you not familiar with the story, Jesse Custer is a small town Texas preacher, possessed by “Genesis” –who then accidentally kills his flock and destroys his church. The creature Genesis is the unholy offspring of an angel and a demon, and by being bonded to Custer, is supposedly possessive of enough power to rival that of the big G-O-D himself. God runs away from Heaven, to avoid dealing with the drama, and so Jesse Custer goes on a long, adventurous road trip with some friends tagging along, to look for him. Sounds like fun right? I can’t wait!