Did She Or Didn’t She?

There were reports that Gal Gadot would refuse to do WONDER WOMAN 2 unless Warner Brothers severed ties with Brett Ratner. (Ratner, like Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, and other prominent actors, directors, and producers, has been accused of sexual misconduct. That’s just a polite way of saying the guy’s a pervert.) Then Warner Brothers said Gadot DIDN’T make such a demand. I tend to believe the latter report. Why? Because it would have been unnecessary. Any contractual deal WB has with Ratner’s company will have expired by the time WONDER WOMAN 2 gets underway.

Is this another case of the media exaggerating, if not outright fabricating, headlines and stories to garner ratings? While the person currently occupying the Oval Office uses claims of “fake news” to cover every misstep and underhanded move he pulls–and 99.9% of the charges made against him by the major news agencies are legitimate, by the way–it is true that some reporters have the unfortunate habit of sensationalizing. This is more a problem with entertainment news than with “real” news. Is that what happened here? I expect Gadot did say something along the lines of “I’ll never work with that _____ (add pejorative of your choice here) again!” and someone took from that a threat that she would leave the movie–which wouldn’t be necessary, as WB has ALREADY cut ties with Ratner and, as stated above, the contract of projects already in development with his company will run out before WW2 goes into production. So did she or didn’t she? Probably a bit of both, but worry not. She’s not leaving Wonder Woman behind.

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By TheCheezman

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