Deathbolt Referred to as “Major Arrow Villain” Heading for The Flash on CW

Things are going to get interesting…

Don’t you love it when people who know nothing about comic books ….write about comic books? I’m not one of those comic book elite nerdy geniuses, a la Comic Book Guy on The Simpsons –but come on. Deathbolt was like, a blip in the DC Comics universe; he rarely interacts with anyone important, he’s defeated pretty succinctly, returns once, and not even for a really big plot… he tries to kill Starman.

Big surprise, Starman was not killed by Deathbolt, he was killed by the Mist. So yeah… Deathbolt was not a “supervillain” –he was a minor villain, who was literally so unimportant, that there isn’t even really an established full story about where he ends up. He just fails to kill Starman and then goes back to being an obscure, low rent metahuman nobody. Presumably, he gets a job at Taco Bell with Wonder Woman as his shift supervisor, constantly on his ass about cleaning the slushy machines. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still going to be suuuuper cool to finally see someone with “powers” on Arrow –but let’s not get things twisted here.