Death to PC Trolls – And Trolls In General

If the PC police are the nice ones, the ones who waste much sound and fury lamenting all the imagined wrongs in the media world (usually while ignoring the real ones), then the nasty ones can be called PC vigilantes, or maybe a PC lynch mob. They’re all losers, but the latter are the most annoying if not the most dangerous. Writer Chelsea Cain has deleted her twitter account after being attacked by trolls. You may remember that Joss Whedon also deleted his account after AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON and the pile-on he received from PC vigilantes who felt he wasn’t feminist enough. Cain seems to have been targeted not by wannabe PC wankers, though, but by plain old garden-variety trolls, who are picking on her because she IS feminist.

I have a helpful suggestion for folks like Cain and Whedon. It’s a handy little two-word phrase, useful for dealing with both PC vigilantes and trolls in general. The first word is the vulgarity “fuck,” and it should be followed immediately by the word “you.” An exclamation point may be added for emphasis, but this is rarely necessary, as the term, when used correctly, seldom needs clarification. For simplicity’s sake, one can simply copy and paste the term, to use it over and over again. It is a one-size-fits-all reply to any online hater. I’ve found it works splendidly. Oh, and in those instances where some cowardly troll makes a physical threat, erroneously believing the Internet grants them anonymity and carte blanche? Just report the threats to the police. I had a guy threaten me not too long ago because I wrote something disparaging about Donald Trump. I replied back to him, informing him that the authorities had been notified and an official complaint had been made. He seemed surprised that I had actually taken that step, and didn’t seem to realize that online threats ARE admissible as evidence in a court of law. In most cases, if the threat were to be followed through on, they are tantamount to a confession. Trolls, and end even self-righteous PC vigilantes, don’t much cotton to the idea that they could actually be prosecuted for something they posted online.

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By TheCheezman

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