DC Has Reason for Keeping Their “Multiverse” Separate

“If you’ve been wondering what to call what DC Comics is doing with its slew of TV and movie characters, we have an answer for you.”

The kid on the right looks like Bran, –how long do you think they’ll make us look at his horrible eyebrows before they let that dream die? Anyway, I do like their rationale for keeping the movie universe and story separate from the TV universe, –the reasoning is basically making sure that those telling the TV stories get their chance to tell the best possible story, –and the same theory applies to the people writing the films. 

DC President, Geoff Johns, makes that statement with a lot of elegance, –but the fact is, it certainly makes things easier to follow. Rather than combining hit TV shows and movies, and having to somehow mash together these two separate dimensions, he sees the value in their separation. The show and films would be vastly more expensive, and elaborate as well if their universes had to be combined anyway. 

source: www.cinemablend.com

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