Dark Horse Comics and Blizzard Entertainment Presenting a World of Warcraft Comic Series!

As we’ve seen, Warcraft is definitely a cultural icon now, and expect the movie and the novel, there will be another Warcraft themed comics!

I just dunno, y’all… I was never really that into World of warcraft, to be honest. It seems like the kind of game you climb into and don’t leave until you’ve died of starvation or infection from bedsores. It also seems like it would get boring, I mean, you play the same game over and over and over, and yeah, the objectives change, but there’s no real story, it just goes on and on.

But I guess that’s where the book, the movie, and the comic series comes in. They put together a coherent story that way you don’t have to, when you’re playing the game. 

source: wow.mmosite.com

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