Could it be that I was wrong?

[NOTE: This article was written on Monday, March 21st.]

I’ve been saying all along that if I was wrong I would gladly admit it. I’m talking about BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN. I’ve been predicting failure for the movie, for numerous reasons. While it’s still too early to say one way or the other—there will be no conclusive answer until I’ve seen the film for myself—the early reviews from fellow geeks coming in are overwhelmingly positive. Even some of the commoner critics, those who don’t “get” genre cinema and are thus unqualified to critique it—not that this ever stops them from doing so—are saying that it’s good; their grousing is limited to the things one would expect, the sorts of things that people who don’t much care for comic book movies would be expected to say. Too action-heavy, too dark, non-comics fans may have a hard time figuring out who’s who, yadda yadda yadda. Not many have said the acting, directing, cinematography or storyline were sub par. In fact several have grudgingly admitted that they were impressed by these. And while many *cough* “professional” critics have grudgingly conceded the films’ quality, the average fan on the street has thus far been shouting with glee from the rooftops.

I was worried that WB was rushing it. I was worried that they were including too many characters, too fast. I questioned their casting choices. (Affleck, Momoa, Miller.) But I’m starting to have hope. Maybe I WAS wrong. I damn sure hope so.

I will have a definitive answer for you, and a full review, next week.

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