Coolest Hotel Ever Has Batman & Aquaman Theme Rooms!

Anyone who’s fancied making like the Caped Crusader can now live out their dream in a fully Batman themed hotel room…even if only for three hours.

So, I recently met this really, incredibly sweet guy who is constantly offering to take me cool places… like, for future awesome vacations. I think he understood right away that I love to travel, so I am definitely showing him this place: a hotel with Batman and Aquaman theme rooms, –plus! other movie theme rooms too.

The source article has photos of all their cool rooms; it’s called “The Eden Motel” in Taiwan. They have a The Mummy theme room (you know, with Brendan Fraser), an Alcatraz theme room, an incredibly tacky “London” theme room, and my personal favorite, the Greek theme room … the bathroom in there is so pretty, it makes me want to cry. Hey, don’t hate, I’m a girl, –the Batman room is a close second.