‘Constantine’ May Not Be Cancelled: Stay Tuned for More Developments from NBC!

“NBC TV Series Constantine returned for its ninth episode, this time in a different time slot. All-season long, the show based on the popular DC Comics Hellblazer has been trying to get its ratings up.”

Sad but true: Constantine isn’t doing well, despite multiple attempts to move the show to different time slots, or improve viewership among adults 18 to 49. I don’t understand the problem: the comics were great, the movie was great, tons of fans of Keanu’s Constantine as much as there are tons of fans of the Hellblazer comic series.

But not many people are watching it, and NBC is just not wanting to keep things going. It’s still being thrown back and forth as to whether or not to keep the show on the air. So… if you want to keep it from being cancelled… watch it when it airs, not later online!

source: www.franchiseherald.com