Composter for ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Trailer Says It’s ‘So Awesome’

Tom Holkenborg, co-composer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, may have spoken a little too soon about the trailer.

What they mean by that is, the comment was removed from Twitter just a little bit afterwards, –sounds like someone got high, let slip a secret, and then, as so many of us do, got in trouble with our bosses about something we did when we were high. We’ve all been there… or at least, I have. Anyway, the fact is that Warner Bros. Studios is sort of in denial that a trailer even exists yet, and who here besides me thinks it’s a little bit crazy that we’re all so excited for just the damn preview? I mean, I’m sure it will be awesome and all, but I for one, am reserving all my excitement for the actual movie. 

Let’s show some restraint here, people. And for those of you who can’t, you can always go straight to theaters on May 15, and see Mad Max: Fury Road, which is going to have the new trailer for Batman vs. Superman accompanying its showings. Or, if you’d like to wait, because hey, sometimes going to the movies, with skyrocketing prices on tickets and other accoutrements, it comes down to a question of “rent or popcorn?” –we’ll have the trailer for you here, as soon as it comes out.


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