Comic Books Added to Scribd!

The latest offering in Scribd? Comic books! More than 10,000 were added today!

I know this doesn’t initially sound like a big deal, –especially to diehard Kindle lovers like myself, but! the thing is, Scribd has a lot more to offer than Kindle Unlimited, –which is a subscription based service like Scribd. Think of it as Netflix but for books. Scribd came out first with the obligatory eBook selection, then audiobooks, and now, they’ve added comic books, –a huge boon to people who want the latest in their favorite publisher’s releases.

Proof that Scribd is better than Kindle Unlimited? The source article was written by a Kindle Paperwhite owner, who admits the temptation, however, Scribd has a bigger collection, and! it’s cheaper. If you haven’t tried a subscription service yet, I strongly recommend this one.