CBS entertainment chairman Nina Tassler shares tidbits from the network’s Supergirl pilot, currently in development and looking to cast its lead.

Oh boy, so there’s no Supergirl for Supergirl yet? Oh gosh, does that mean I still have a chance? Hey. I’m blonde… Probably not in the shape required to look as good as she does in skin tight -everything- with several inches of exposed midriff. So… no. Probably not my destiny to play Supergirl.

There was a chance that the chick from The Originals who plays Rebekah was going to play Supergirl, but now the slot is open again. I hope that the lack of actress doesn’t cause issues for the future of the show.


As we’ve seen, Warcraft is definitely a cultural icon now, and expect the movie and the novel, there will be another Warcraft themed comics!

I just dunno, y’all… I was never really that into World of warcraft, to be honest. It seems like the kind of game you climb into and don’t leave until you’ve died of starvation or infection from bedsores. It also seems like it would get boring, I mean, you play the same game over and over and over, and yeah, the objectives change, but there’s no real story, it just goes on and on.

But I guess that’s where the book, the movie, and the comic series comes in. They put together a coherent story that way you don’t have to, when you’re playing the game. 


If you love Superhero movies then you are in for a treat because for the next 5 years there will be 21 between the Marvel and DC franchises.

Things to be excited about for neutral parties who don’t pick sides: Wonder Woman, Doctor Strange, Aquaman, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2

And you know, all the other movies in those lists, but to be fair, I’m just saying, –those are the movies that I am the most excited about. I hate that we have to wait so long, like another two years, to see the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I mean… I dunno how much I’m going to be into something called “Ant Man”. But that’s just me, I guess.


“We now have a very real scenario where Captain America 3 might actually out-gross Batman v Superman domestically and worldwide…”

Eh, no. Sorry: you guys, I should reveal myself right now by saying that yes, as a chick, I have certain loyalties, and those loyalties lie with Batman and Superman. The movies are better, always have been. I mean, Batman and Superman have ALWAYS been the more successful franchises. Since this is a Forbes source, they obviously care more about which movie will make more money, which decides the supreme winner: BvS or IMvCA.

This is the ultimate battle right now guys, Marvel or DC; I love Robert Downey Jr., of course, but I could definitely take or leave Captain America, and Thor is just… ugh, I was over it before it began. Batman and Superman can win this… so. Prove me wrong.