Can ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Steven McQueen Secure ‘Nightwing’ Role

‘The Vampire Diaries’ star Steven R. McQueen has hinted he might play Nightwing in ‘Arrow.’ Could that happen in Season 3?

The brilliance behind CW’s success other than knowing their audiences, is the fact that they take popular young actors from one show, and give them life in a new character on another, such as Hayley on ‘The Originals’ or ‘Arrow’s Roy from ‘Teen Wolf.’  This casting policy has been widely used for decades on daytime television, but CW has very successfully adapted it to the nighttime tv as well.  Will Steven McQueen be the next success of the CW network with his hopes of securing the new role of ‘Nightwing’ on this season of ‘Arrow,’  we definitely hope so.  Do you think Steven McQueen would make a good ‘Nightwing’?