Black Mask Is Developing TV Series, Comics Channel on YouTube, and Animated Movies

The publishing and media production company, which was founded in 2012, also is developing several television series.

I haven’t been this excited since Claire came back to life after Sylar played around with her brain on Heroes. Black Mask Studios brought us 12 Reasons to Die, Godkiller, Ballistic, and Critical Hit among other great titles, and sure, they’re not DC, and they’re not Marvel, –but they’re indie-tastic, they have awesome artwork, and most importantly, great stories to tell.

They’re not famous, but they have fans, –at least, they have me… so maybe now they’ll have you. And a lot of other people eventually, since they’re marketing “tubecomics” –comics that have their own YouTube channel. Neat. And they’re bringing us animated movies, shows, and probably more content, –so they’re definitely a rising studio star in the comic world. I’m ready.. so should you be!