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Man, everything’s happening all at once. Reports are coming in today that Ben Affleck definitely WILL be replaced as Batman in the new trilogy from Matt Reeves. This is a part of the bigger behind-the-scenes shakeup at Warner Brothers in the wake of JUSTICE LEAGUE failing to perform up to expectations. (If they’d just listened to me in the first place, I could’ve saved them all that money.) The only way I can conceive of for the DC cinematic universe to remain remotely coherent is if they use the upcoming FLASH movie, which is supposed to chronicle the “Flashpoint” storyline, as a way to reboot everything, as it did in the comics, leaving some things unchanged and some radically altered. New Batman, same Wonder Woman, in other words. If–and that’s a BIG if–the WB is smart enough to take advantage of the opportunity.

Even bigger comics/movie news this week is that, at long, long last, Marvel is getting the X-Men back! A deal between Marvel and Sony will allow what fans have long dreamed of. It means Marvel will get the Fantastic Four back, too, but I suspect they’ll wait a while before rebooting that franchise, to let the odor of the previous two dissipate. If any of us were a little doubtful about where Marvel could go in the future with its cinematic juggernaut, we aren’t anymore! Secret Wars! Avengers vs. X-Men! The possibilities are endless!

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