Ben’s Still Batman

Last week I made a prediction that Ben Affleck would not be reprising the role of Batman in Matt Reeves’ upcoming movie. Turns out I wasn’t alone, as headlines started popping up all over the Internet that Affleck was going to be “phased out.” THEY claimed it was because of his age–the dude’s only 45, whereas Robert Downey Jr. is in his early 50s and still playing Iron Man–whereas I felt it was because Reeves had decided to scrap Affleck’s script for the movie and start over. I and all the other online prognosticators may have been wrong, as Affleck confirmed at the San Diego Comic Con his intention to still play the role, calling Batman the greatest part any actor could ever want and stating that he was enthusiastic about working with Reeves. At the least, then, we can say that if Affleck is ousted as the Caped Crusader, it won’t be HIS decision. I’m kinda glad. I’d like to see the guy have a chance to redeem the role. I came to appreciate his half-psychotic “burnout” Batman in BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN, but it WASN’T Batman. Not the Batman of the comics. Not the Batman we all know.

Ima make another prediction, then. Given the concerns over Affleck being older than the other members of the Justice League, and given the bad taste his portrayal in BVS left in some fans’ mouths, I predict the new Batman film, and perhaps new trilogy, will take place BEFORE the events of BVS. That they will be prequels, featuring a younger, saner, more familiar Batman. How can they make him younger? Easily. Just a little hair dye to cover the gray around the temples. Affleck is in hella good shape. He looks terrific. He could have years of playing Batman ahead of him. I hope he does. But I predict it WON’T be the Batman from BVS we’ll see on the screen.

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By TheCheezman

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