‘Batman’s Co-Creator Bill Finger Finally Gets Cover Credit For The First Batman Comic

75 years after Batman first appeared in ‘Detective Comics’ #27, co-creator Bill Finger is finally getting credit for his work with a new special edition. (75 Years Later, Batman Co-Creator Bill Finger Gets A Cover Credit On ‘Detective Comics’ #27.

Comics have made a huge resurgence in the past decade with DC and Batman holding a very dark, special place in our hearts.  Finally after all this time, Bill Finger, the dark knight’s co creator, is receiving cover credit for his very popular character Batman.  It may have taken 75 years, but his contribution is coming to light in a big way.  Congratulations to Bill Finger, and his descendants for this long overdue honor.  Do you think Bill Finger should have been recognized before this or is it the perfect way to thank him?

source: comicsalliance.com