Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Sneak Peek (2016)

“Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Sneak Peek (2016) [with] Ben Affleck [and] Henry Cavill…”

So, wow… 20 seconds of trailer from what I must assume is… the trailer! or something…? This sneak peek or the trailer has had almost a million views, and all it shows are logos, and bits of suit! In slow motion! And people are going wild for it! Oh well, sure, we’re all excited for Batman vs. Superman but it won’t come out for almost another entire year, and the producers are releasing the trailer, the full trailer, in IMAX theaters all over the country… 2 whole minutes of sheer, pants-wetting, boxer-destroying, nerdy excitement.

But then it’s like I said… we have to wait like a whole year –just under an entire effing year, before the movie comes out. That’s a long time to go on just one trailer… Sigh. I dunno if I can make it, dude. But who knows, maybe if they’re releasing the trailer this early, the producers could potentially decide to move up the release date. I mean, there is building anticipation, and then there’s torturing people. Besides, we all know they’re going to make a ridiculous amount of money either way. Like I said before, when Batman vs. Superman finally hits theaters, I plan to avoid the roads!


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