Batman v Superman Trailer Talk (Video)

It sounds like fans may finally be getting a look at the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice very soon.

So, remember when we were talking about the report that Batman vs. Superman’s trailer would be premiering with the Mad Max: Fury Road film, which is due to show in theatres on May 15th? Right well, now we’ve got some conflict here: supposedly, some people are going to have the option of seeing it even sooner. This Thursday, the director Zack Snyder is releasing just the first five seconds of the trailer, and from there, people will be able to sign up to see the full trailer as soon as April 20th, more than three weeks ahead of the original premiere date.

Oh, and that has been confirmed through Twitter, so if you do enough Googling like, right now, is when the first five seconds are supposed to be coming out. You’ll find it. And then sign up to see the full trailer on April 20th. And if people are this excited about the first five seconds of a trailer, or god forbid, a minute long trailer of the film, can you imagine how packed theaters are going to be when the movie actually comes out? There are people that are probably going to see the Mad Max movie just to watch the trailer for Batman vs. Superman. During the Batman vs. Superman premier, it’ll be like, New Years’ Eve traffic. I’m staying inside the house.


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