Bane vs. Batman. Again.

This, in my (not so) humble yet educated opinion, is exactly what the BATMAN comics need right now. To my mind, there has never been a satisfactory rematch betwixt Batman and Bane. Batman never really got even for bane snapping his spine way back in the 90s during the KNIGHTFALL event/publicity stunt. For all the times they’ve locked horns, there was never a satisfying round two. Not for me. Not on the printed page. In the film THE DARK KNIGHT RISES there sure was. Batman laid some serious smack down on Bane in that one. I could scarce stay in my seat in the theater. It was like I was a kid again, watching Hulk Hogan battle with some nefarious heel inside the WWF ring. (Back in those days, it was the World Wrestling FEDERATION. There was no “entertainment” in the title.) THAT is the kind of visceral reaction I want to have to a comic book showdown, and I’ve never gotten it. Maybe this time will be different. Twenty years is a long time to wait, but it could be worth it. Come on, writers! Don’t let me down!

Superman got HIS second round with Doomsday. He came back from the dead to whip Doomsday like meringue pie topping. And that was BEFORE he got to kill him in the BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN movie. I don’t want DC to kill off Bane. He’s much too good a villain for that. But I DO want to see him get his ass kicked. I have a feeling he will, this time. The question is, how much damage will he do before that happens?

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By TheCheezman

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