‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ is the Biggest & Most Expensive Marvel Movie Yet!

‘Avengers 2’ actor Paul Bettany says the film is Marvel’s biggest movie so far, and reveals that drone cameras were used during filming.

You know how it is when you’ve literally watched everything even remotely interesting on Netflix, and finally, start watching Lifetime channel movies…? Yeah. So we have to wait patiently for Marvel’s next Avengers movie, and meanwhile, geek out on all the chick flicks Netflix has to offer.

Meanwhile, that Avengers movie, is the most expensive, –$250 million was the budget, and spent on things like “drone cameras” –though the source article says they’re cheaper than filming from a helicopter. The majority of the movie is probably being spent on travel to and from international locations, carting equipment to those locations, as well as the actors. Then actually paying the people making the movie, including the actors, the extras, and all those tiny people behind the scenes that get like, no credit, ever.

source: screenrant.com