Are You Poor Too? Read Free and Public Domain Comic Books on the Digital Comic Museum!

We are the best site for downloading FREE public domain Golden Age Comics…”  

This is so cool! Okay, now, I know a lot of you are dedicated Marvel/DC fans, but believe it or not, –and some of you are old enough to know the coolness of this, –there were comics books before that, –and there were comic books produced at the same time that were just as good, if not better, –but didn’t have the staying power of other publications. And a big reason Marvel and DC lasted as long as they did was their ability to market and make more money.

Other studios just didn’t have the scratch to stay in the game. But that’s beside the point. A lot of terrific comics from the old days, the public domain, and the even older days, are available for free download, and you can use a free reader, like CBR Reader, or ComicRack. I’m definitely passing this on to my comic-crazy roommate, –and probably checking out a few of these myself. The library of comics is huge, and a great place to read the golden oldies of graphic novels. You’re welcome!


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