Are Comic Book Movies Ruining Comic Book Characters?

My own son will see every superhero movie with me, but no matter how I strategically litter the house with comics, he won’t pick one up.

This is a good question, and one best answered by people older and more experienced in comic books than I am; I’m not a “true believer” –I’m not yet 30, and I’m more dedicated to literature, but I have to admit to seeing a certain amount of beauty in the complexity of each character. So much mythology is involved in each character, and it often stretches out across parallel universes, multiple dimensions of re-imaginings, and heroes do sometimes screw up… some are volatile, some are clear knock-offs of their more successful counterparts in the Marvel and DC universes respectively.

It’s a fantastic world where everyone is part of a continuous series of events, and Peter Bebergal, the author of this terrific narrative about his own personal history with comic books, and their impact on his life, struggles with whether or not to concede to a new era of video idolatry: comic books were once the exciting counterpart to classical literature, –not everyone could afford TV and films. Now comic books might as well be classical literature. Why bother to read when you can just watch? Check out the source article, it’s great; Bebergal shares his opinions and experiences, and is easily empathized with, whether you’re a true believer, or just have a long history of love for reading.


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