Archie Comics Get Really Weird in ‘Archie Vs Predator’ #1

Archie vs Predator #1 is Bloody-Disgusting’s horror comic of the week.

Dude. I am so… SO psyched for this series… if this turns into a thing, even like, just a short miniseries, I am so there. Predator. Archie. Jughead having his head ripped off… Veronica facing the danger of spine removal, and Reggie being called a “troll” –count me in! A couple years ago, I was in the ICU for about two weeks, completely miserable, and all that was ever on TV were re-runs of The Golden Girls and Archie cartoon re-runs. While no one can deny that there’s no chicken soup for the soul like The Golden Girls on a constant marathon for weeks, running non-stop, the Archie cartoon was my shining star in the darkness.

The first few panels of the book are available on Bloody-Disgusting right now, so please click through as soon as you get done reading my nonsense, and check it out. The blood and gore are in no way whatsoever downplayed, and there are corpses right away, –with more to come, guaranteed. Sure, Archie vs. Predator is strange, and way out of the ordinary… but you know what, it’s totally right for me, and anyone else who’s ever hated Jughead’s doofy ass, and wanted to see Archie kick a real monster’s ass. 


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