Alas, Jimmy, we hardly knew you!

If I’m right in my belief that a complete reboot is coming, not only for Superman but for DC Comics in its totality, in the wake of the failed reboot that was the New 52—wait, if we’re rebooting a reboot, does that count as another reboot, or wouldn’t we be in fact retro-booting?—then the various creators pretty much have carte blanche to do whatever they want to the status quo. This could be either a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it. Where Superman is concerned, I vote for the former. Besides, I expect SOME traces of the New 52 to make it into the new-old continuity, when and if it happens.

Does that mean I think Jimmy Olsen will stay dead? (He was killed in the recent SUPERMAN #46.) Nah. He may not even remain dead throughout the current run. Even so, I’m digging what Gene Luen Yang is putting Superman through. Depowered, with his secret identity no longer secret, and getting his ass soundly kicked on a regular basis—and now his best pal has been killed. It lets us see what Supes is really made of. A man’s
character is determined by how he conducts himself at his lowest point, and I expect this character will, by the end of it all, prove to us why they call him the Man of Steel.


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By TheCheezman

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