After JUSTICE LEAGUE – What Next?

Warner Brothers have really painted themselves into a corner. If the entire DC cinematic universe had been a flop, as this past weekend’s JUSTICE LEAGUE was a flop (and undeservedly so, it bears mentioning; for my official review of the film, check out!), they could just scrap everything and start over. With rumors of them getting rid of Ben Affleck as Batman and starting fresh with a new upcoming trilogy of Batman films, it would seem this is the plan. Problem is, the only true bona fide hit (in terms of both critical consensus and box office clout) WB has had thus far with its DC cinematic universe is WONDER WOMAN, and the latter is firmly a part of that universe. With that Aquaman movie in the works, and a Flash movie coming later, they aren’t about to do away with what they’ve constructed. They are too heavily invested at this point. But what they have built isn’t working, not like they want it to.

NOTE: I blame the poor box office performance of JUSTICE LEAGUE on them releasing it on the heels of THOR: RAGNAROK. They should have known better. The two films are dividing the audience, and fans are preferring the Odinson.

Reports are that the upcoming DC films will be standalone features. I think this is the way to go. WB tried to jump ahead; they gave us the Avengers, if you will, before they’d given us Thor, Captain America, and the Hulk. They tried to go for the big payoff first thing. They built the tower upside down, with the pinnacle as the foundation. Now they need to focus on the individual pieces. Make them each as good and as strong as WONDER WOMAN. Then and only then give us a sequel to JUSTICE LEAGUE. And go all WRATH OF KHAN with it. Course correction time, WB.

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By TheCheezman

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