Affleck out as Batman?

He’s officially out as the DIRECTOR of the forthcoming BATMAN movie. That he will not be playing the character, either, is just a rumor at this point, and probably a rumor is all it will remain, despite all the online prognostication to the contrary. Nor is it necessarily a bad thing that Affleck is stepping down as director. He states that it is because he doesn’t have the time to devote to both starring in and directing the feature, that he doesn’t want to limit himself by dividing his energies. He could have let his ego drive him into doing both, and as such he might have failed to give either his full effort. The film would have suffered because of it. I’d much rather see him focus on playing the lead role. There are plenty of competent directors out there.

Don’t forget, also, that Affleck is co-writing the screenplay, so there’s another labor to potentially distract him, as it is doubtful that the script, once completed, would have remained set in stone once filming began; revisions large or small would have likely been necessary. This is another reason why stepping down as director was a prudent move. Lastly, the fact that the script has undergone several rewrites does not bode ill for the production, as some have said. Affleck has gone on record that he will not be involved in the film until the script is “perfect.” His commitment to keep working on it until it IS perfect should give fans hope rather than make them doubt. IF—and note this is a big IF—Affleck leaves the project altogether, it would mean that the studio has made it impossible for him to create a quality film. THEN we can all give up hope. Until then, give the man credit for not settling and for demanding the best of himself.

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