A Pervert in the DC Offices?

Let me be clear: I am not calling DC bigwig editor Eddie Berganza a pervert. I do not know the man and have never worked with him, nor do I know personally anyone else who has or does. I’ve never even met him. What I am reporting here is fact, namely that OTHER people have and are calling him a pervert. Until such time as proof is offered, and thus far none has been, at all, these allegations must remain classified as rumors only. I am sharpening no personal axes here for use on Mr. Berganza’s neck. I have no stake in this one, or steak, either, as no one involved is offering to buy me dinner. Got it? Good. Proceed.

It is fact that there are rumors, and a growing number of them, that accuse Eddie Berganza of sexual harassment. The recent move by DC to fire popular VERTIGO overseer Shelly Bond has had unforeseen consequences—although perhaps DC should have foreseen them; if the rumors are true, the company had to know they were sitting on a pressure cooker and anything provocative could blow the lid off the whole thing. The result is that now creators and others working with the company are naming names, and the name they keep mentioning is Berganza. Why fire Bond, they collectively ask, but keep Berganza, when the guy’s a notorious lecher? Again, these are only rumors. But if Berganza IS a repeat-offender pervert, grabbing, groping, and harassing female employees, why IS he still there? Superman would not approve.

source: www.theouthousers.com

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By TheCheezman

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