A Female Batman – Wouldn’t that be BatWOMAN?

Sorry, Frank Miller. Or Brian Azzarello. The linked-to article doesn’t specify which of the two co-writers of DARK KNIGHT 3: THE MASTER RACE actually said that this new comic, and specifically its introduction of a FEMALE in the role of “Batman,” is going to “piss people off.” I kinda doubt that it does. It just isn’t that big a deal nowadays. I know this will disappoint Frank, who delights in rubbing fans the wrong way.

Miller’s THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS became an instant classic when it was released back in the 80s. It introduced an old, retired Bruce Wayne (who quickly enough came out of retirement) and a female Robin. That girl sidekick has now risen up to take over the role of Gotham City’s Caped Crusader. This would be more newsworthy if DC hadn’t already done it with the character Batwoman a few years back. And after the sequel to THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, which debuted several years back, failed to leap over the critical and creative bar set so high by its predecessor, this latest effort has even more to live up to. Can Frank pull off the hat trick?

source: nypost.com

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