A Conspiracy against BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN?

Skip the Spin. Think for Yourselves. Here’s a little something that is much needed right now, a healthy dose of TRUTH. Facts can be spun any whichyway but they remain immutable. They are still facts whether or not a person exaggerates them or tries to minimalise them. It is a fact that BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN has been a HUGE hit for Warner Brothers, despite the unprecedented vitriol from commoner critics and a highly vocal percentage (I’d estimate this latter at around 30% at most) of fanboys. Did the movie suffer the biggest second weekend drop in history, as the headlines proclaim with such glee? Yes—barely. The FACT is, this drop off in numbers is comparable to the drop experienced by both THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and THE HUNGER GAMES; their ticket sales fell almost as much in their respective second weekends. Also, this drop fails to take into account that the opening weekend figures included Thursday as well, which further distorts the numbers. The clickbaiters are making much ado out of all this, but there really is no story here.

The linked-to article dismisses the suggestion that there might in fact exist some bias against the film, but then goes on to inform the reader that a lot of those “rotten” reviews aren’t rotten at all. It’s spin, pure and simple. I would tend to blame this more on the “pile-on effect” than on any organized conspiracy—but is IS a FACT that Rotten Tomatoes is owned by Disney. Just sayin’.

By the way, BVS has a B+ overall score from viewers and has already made more money than MAN OF STEEL made during its ENTIRE theatrical run. Also just sayin’.

source: www.yahoo.com

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