7 Ways to Make Justice League Better!

How could DC make a perfect Justice League? We need Darkseid, Aquaman, Wally West & more!

This is actually part of a series on the source site for “Make It Better” –some things need a boost, and some ideas from fans, and Justice league is no exception. Personally, I think more directors and producers should listen to fans: we know what we want to see, ignoring the comic book nerds and geeks out there is how we end up with movies that suck big time.

Some of the ways listed in this are bringing in Wally West, the successor of The Flash, –a movie if not a show, –because there is too much separation going on in the DC universe. Another option is to make Aquaman more available to the masses: we want to see more of him, he may be old but we didn’t forget him!

source: moviepilot.com

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