6 Comic Book Movies That Need to Be Made ASAP!

Alright, I get it. For the next 10 years and probably more we’re going to get saturated with comic book movies…”

I was actually JUST talking about this the other night with my roommate, who often tells me bedtime stories of DC and Marvel hero and villain origins… because hey, I know every fairy tale there is to know. And I was thinking… why the hell hasn’t there been more coverage on some of these other guys….? 

1. The Fearless Defenders – A girl team of heroes, –but! don’t despair, The Defenders will be on Netflix, and Valkyrie, the chick with the blonde dreads, was on the team.. so she might make an appearance.

2. Planet Hulk and World War Hulk – This is one of my two big ones, –because there is SO MUCH in the Hulk storyline that gets totally rolled under the rug, while the Avengers are going around, getting all the attention. There’s a rumor that Hulk is sent off to what will become his “home planet” (it’s…not really) at the end of the next Avengers movie, but… then again, who knows. 

3. Moon Knight – Not that familiar with this one, he’s basically Marvel’s answer to Batman, and was on the Avengers team… so maybe we’ll see him at some point, but so far, the Marvel films are stick with the immediately recognizable heroes. 

4. She-Hulk – My second big wish, that they will finally bring She-Hulk into the mix. She has this really tragic story that I won’t spoil for you if you haven’t read it (which is your fault, really) and it would make an excellent movie. 

If you want to check out the last two on the list, click the source link… but yeah, my big wishes for movies are more Hulk stories, –I’ll never get sick of watching Robert Downey Jr. be clever, but Hulk has his own stuff, and it’s awesome… so come on, Marvel… give us some big green love…

source: moviepilot.com

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