5 Batman Villains We Want to See on Gotham

“5 Batman villains from the comics that should appear on Fox’s Batman prequel series Gotham…”

Okay, before I start, I just wanna say: I love Scarecrow from the newer Batman movies, and he’s totally hot. I always want more of him. The consensus as to which villains viewers like you want to see, starting with: Killer Croc. He has a great backstory; growing up with an abusive aunt and a terrible skin condition. I’d like to see the genesis of this villain, if only for the emotional masochism involved. 

The Court of Owls; creepy, elitist, conspiracy, clandestine organization; they resurrect dead people and use them for their dirty work, –calling them “Talons”. Creepy to the extreme. The Ventriloquist and Scarface (his dummy). Potentially the weirdest villains ever, but apparently, these two were fairly formidable, as they actually worked for Gotham’s mafia. Lastly, Professor Pyg, a giant lunatic in a pig mask, terrorizing Gotham, and according to the source, he can “out crazy” the Joker. So to quote one of my favorite movies, “Squeal like a piggy! Weeee!” –for Gotham to add Professor Pyg.

source: collider.com