Replacing Batman—Didn’t they try that already?

He’s getting just old enough for this s–t. Hey, I have an idea! Let’s replace Bruce Wayne as Batman! That’s NEVER been done before! (Except for a couple’a dozen times, but nobody remembers any of those. Comics fans have lousy memories, right?) Then we’ll put some guy in armor and let him play Batman, until… Continue reading Replacing Batman—Didn’t they try that already?

SECRET WARS expands!

Marvel’s biggest event just got bigger. Marvel Comics’ mega-event SECRET WARS is now set to conclude at the end of the year with a bombastic NINTH issue. This is good news for fans, as the hordes of geekdom have been almost universal in their praise for this series. In case you’re one of the three… Continue reading SECRET WARS expands!


Doom is a genius in physics, robotics, cybernetics, genetics, weapons technology, bio-chemistry, and time travel. He is also self-taught in the mystic arts. Doom is a natural leader, a brilliant strategist, and a sly deceiver. Last week I pontificated on the abysmal failure of the latest FANTASTIC FOUR movie. Which reminded me of the two… Continue reading ALL HAIL DOOM

Fantastic Fiasco

What did Josh Trank do?That was the question people were asking all over social media on Thursday night after the director of Fantastic Four tweeted — and then quickly deleted — a message slamming his own movie on the eve of its debut. Director Josh Trank wants us all to know it’s not his fault that FANTASTIC FOUR sucks… Continue reading Fantastic Fiasco

Reading between the panels

In their latest spotlight on examples of comic creators making commentary on other creators within the pages of comics, CSBG looks at the classic case of the inker who talked some trash in the background of a Spidey comic. I tend to enjoy a good “secret” message in my comics. Usually it’s a dig at… Continue reading Reading between the panels

Red Scare? No, DEATH NOTE scares the Reds!

A Japanese comic is one of the biggest topics on Chinese social media – despite a government ban. The fact that a Communist regime restricts the freedoms of the individual is obvious to anyone with a functioning brain. And of all the Communist regimes still around—and there aren’t nearly as many as there used to… Continue reading Red Scare? No, DEATH NOTE scares the Reds!

Totally awesome? Not!

Greg Pak has written many comics for both Marvel and DC Comics, but he may be best known for his long run on the primary Hulk comic book franchise from 2006-2011. There’s gonna be an all-new, all different Incredible Hulk! And Greg Pak is returning to script the series! And . . . I couldn’t… Continue reading Totally awesome? Not!

Too Much Diversity?

Quesada was joined by a half dozen other Marvel editors and writers to discuss upcoming book releases and plans, as well as answer questions from the audience. The most interesting point of the panel came with a discussion on diversity started by a fan thanking Marvel. A Little Diversity Can Go A Long Way They… Continue reading Too Much Diversity?

Bye Bye to the Architects

The writer will wrap his run on the core series and the supporting New  Avengers title next year “around May”, he revealed on a Reddit AMA. Where are they all going? Away, that’s where. There’s a mass exodus underway over the House of Ideas. At the forefront is writer Jonathon Hickman, the man who has… Continue reading Bye Bye to the Architects