“Might NBC’s Constantine have hired a Breaking Bad alum to play a well-known villain from DC Comics?”

The DC Comics TV show Constantine is on TV and way awesome: don’t get me wrong, I love the movie, but we get to explore a lot more of the comic’s canon by watching the show, and finally, there’s an identity for Felix Faust; one of DC’s super-villains: Mark Margolis.

If you don’t remember him from Breaking Bad, or for some reason didn’t watch the show (I bet you didn’t watch The Wire either, you sicko) he was a wheelchair-bound, ancient OG named Hector Salamanca who used a lobby bell to communicate. Fun right? You’d think this would make him fairly harmless, but alas, not so much. I can’t wait to hear him in a speaking part, personally!

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Oliver Queen finally tells Felicity how he really feels before he goes off to die…

There were so many heartbreaking things about last night’s episode with the climax being Oliver’s loved ones streaming through his mind right before his body careens off the side of the mountain. Since Oliver was required climb the mountain moments before the battle, you have to ask yourself if this fatigued state caused him to fail before they even began to fight…what happens now? The preview shows his friend Toshi retrieving his body, and claiming he is dead. Are the reports of Oliver Queen’s death being greatly exaggerated to protect him until he is strong enough to protect himself?


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In one scene, the show changed everything we know about the Marvel universe.

Yes Skye is now more than we ever imagined, and daddy dearest is more of a psycho than we originally thought, but with Tripp dead I can’t seem to celebrate those who survived like Mack. Let’s be honest though, this season has been a blood bath reminiscent of the last few shows of the first season. I have to wonder what the h3ll crazy Raina is, did you see the thorns coming out of her? I mean we knew she was different, but where could they be going with this recent “conversion” of her character. Do you think Skye will be able to bring Tripp back or is he gone for good? 

This is going to be the longest winter break I’ve ever had…how bout you?

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Marvel has yet to acknowledge this publicly, the internet is a buzz with this latest news

For most comic fans the news of Marvel’s new show premiering on Netflix’s original series group is very exciting, while others are concerned whether the online programmer can do the comic justice. Well this latest news has got to be a welcome one, Krysten Ritter is a ton of fun to watch in any circumstance, let alone filling the role of ‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones. It was reported that she was one of five specific actresses who were brought in for the role. Do you think Krysten Ritter is the right choice to play Jessica Jones in the new ‘Marvel’ series on Netflix?

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Jared Leto, Tom Hardy, Margot Robbie and Jai Courtney are the likely cast for the ‘Suicide Squad’

The fore mentioned characters are all in final talks for the main roles of the ‘Suicide Squad’ movie.  Preproduction starts this upcoming February in Toronto, with shooting taking place from April to September. Will Smith has also been mentioned in connection with the movie, but in what regards is not known at this moment.  The movie is set to hit theaters in 2016, most likely summer or late fall. What do you think of the ‘Suicide Squad’ proposed cast? Who would you have picked to play the roles?

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An extended trailer for the first part of The CW’s inter-series superhero crossover ‘The Flash vs. Arrow’ pits Barry Allen’s speed versus Oliver Queen’s resourcefulness.

Since the show’s pilot and even before, we have seen periodic crossovers between these two superhero shows, but looks like this one will be slightly different, much more of an edge. In the previews they show Barry fighting against the Arrow in some kind of “I’m better than you” standoff, although I’m not sure why this would ever be happening, I suspect all is not what it seems to be in the trailer. Could the evil Dr. Wells have something to do with this, and how long do you think it will take for them to figure out that their mentor is preparing to become the worst villain of all time?


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Although many of the Gotham fans are die hard Batman fans, this has come with a price

Some fans cheered when they heard the extension news, while others jeered questioning quality, well I have to say YAY!!!  Even though this show was far from a favorite at first, it has truly grown on me like a fungus. I know it will inevitably take me in a distressing direction I won’t wanna be, but I won’t notice the misery due to the fun and excitement I had while getting there. I, like many others, was squeamish about Ivy, completely adored Cat, and charmed by the incredibly awkward Penguin.  I was surprised by the mess that is Barbara Gordon, definitely a different way to go with the matriarchal figure.  Harvey seemed like such a louse and worthless guy until Jim starting reminding him of who and what he used to be in Gotham. Which is your favorite character on ‘Gotham’? (You can choose two if you can’t pick just one.)

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The Park Is Open June 12, Steven Spielberg returns to executive …

After seeing the first one, and the others based around the clean up of the first ‘Jurassic Park,’ why would they ever open another dinosaur “amusement” park, because sooner or later there will a mess… a huge, undeniable bloodbath no one will walk away from this time.  I have to admit this gory fun fact, and Chris Pratt being in the movie, make it irresistible to me. I will be one of those people at the theaters at midnight to see the first showing… I hope there will be a midnight showing or I’ll just be the creepy person hanging around outside the theater… Now, the trailer is set to be premiered on NBC only since it is a Universal movie, makes sense to promote and support your company, but I’m sure within hours if you’re not a football fan, it will be shown on youtube.com.  As soon as we see it, we’ll link to it for you. For now, here is the site with the countdown.


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It seems to be a race for the girl and Ollie is coming in a close second

Last night on the ‘Arrow’ we met Cupid, a somewhat lethal romantic ex-cop whom mimics her idol’s footsteps to draw his attention to her fan obsessed lair, all while Oliver’s true love is being courted by the incredibly rich and handsome Ray Palmer right under his hood. It looks like Mr. Palmer plans to make himself a superhero to save his adopted city, but will this put him at further odds with the ‘Arrow’  …I guess we will have to wait and see. Now about Thea and her new love interest, whom I’m pretty sure is working for Thea’s jealous old man, Malcolm Merlyn, could this be the man she needs or will Roy step up and make Thea a priority now that they have so much in common. Do you think Malcolm Merlyn is behind the latest edition to Thea’s life, or is it just a coincidence now that Thea is reconnecting with her brother she meets someone new?

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In a TV Guide interview, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. executive producer Jeffrey Bell has released the name of the blue aliens..

It looks like the internet rumors were right on the money, the mysterious blue aliens are from the Kree race. The Kree are said to be part of upcoming Marvel movie ‘Inhumans’ due out in the next 5 to 7 years.  Ronan, the demented guy with the huge hammer on ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ was also one of these Kree fellas.  Although we saw very little of the Kree on ‘Guardians,’ you have to wonder whether they were like Ronan, or somewhat less psychotic.  It seems Wards warnings of Skye’s darker nature may come to light sooner than we had thought. Keep watching ‘Agents of Shield’ to find out more.  The Kree revelation episode is due out December 2nd. Enjoy. Which alien race did you think Mr. Blue Giant hailed from?

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