Tip of the hat to DC, for figuring out a way to give fans on both sides of the argument what they wanted, to let them have their cake and eat it too. Superman can be seen as a perfect depiction of the larger DC universe, and of the reactions of the readers to the comic line’s relaunch, the New 52, which some loved and some despised. (As time progressed, more and more hopped the fence and congregated on the “hate it” side.) Then DC killed off the New 52 Superman and replaced him with the pre-New 52 Superman, the married Superman (who now has a kid) with all the history. Some fans cheered the move and a smaller number howled in anguish.

By revealing that the New 52 Superman and the original post-Crisis Superman were not, after all, two different characters, but different facets of the same character, and by rejoining those two separated halves, DC made a move that should satisfy both camps. Superman also gets a new costume that looks a lot more like his old costume—minus the red briefs. (I’ve argued in the past that the entire New 52 movement was all about getting rid of the red underwear.) Welcome back, Superman! A fully restored Superman, at that. And extrapolating from the thought processes that led to the reunification of the character, which suggests that the same “fracturing” is true of ALL DC’s characters, might we see a “fully restored” Batman, Wonder Woman, etc. and etc. in the coming months?

I should begin this tirade by stating that I am myself a feminist, if we are going to go by the original, dictionary definition of the word. Originally, to say you are a proponent of feminism meant simply that you believe men and women are deserving of equal treatment, in the workplace and in society. I do believe that. Originally, then, feminism meant equality. Nothing more and nothing less. Like any ideology or school of thought, however, feminism has been hijacked by its extremists, to the extent that, when one hears the word today, sadly, what is called to mind is the extremist elements rather than the original philosophy. That’s a shame.

We have now reached a new low, a new depth of asinine stupidity, in the existence of PC culture, this low masquerading as “feminism.” I blame the Internet. The problem with the Internet, despite all the benefits that it has bequeathed us, is that any idiot can use it and every idiot does. Before the Internet, nobody would have paid the slightest attention to a loudmouthed PC loon. Now, with outlets like Twitter, those rare morons are able to find each other and start a “movement;” all that is needed is to add a hashtag. I also blame Warner Brothers, in that it would appear they have themselves drawn attention to the issue. In the new trailer for WONDER WOMAN, it appears that the lovely Ms. Gadot has either bleached her armpits or else the pits have been CGI’ed to make them look that way. (Which is itself stupid and unnatural.) Now there are moronic fem-extremists bitching that the character doesn’t have armpit hair. Since she grew up on an island filled with only men, according to these nitwits, she should have hairy pits. Because apparently personal grooming is an indication of a repressive patriarchal society, and hairy pits are signs of liberation and enlightenment. Yes, it is every bit as stupid as it sounds. But that’s PC culture for you. Any lamebrain can join in, and every lamebrain does! Halfwits who used to write on bathroom walls now get to display their imbecility online! #getafreakinlife #darwinawardwinnerswaitingtohappen

I didn’t catch the new Netflix/Marvel series IRON FIST, so I can’t comment on its quality or lack thereof. Apparently it didn’t go over so well. I don’t honestly care; comics-related television and movie projects are a dime a dozen. We have reached and surpassed oversaturation. The TV shows and movies can’t ALL be good, not when there are a gazillion of them. It’s the sheer rule of probability.

I CAN comment on the idiotic compliant about Iron Fist being a white guy, though. I’m sick to death of this PC (talk about oversaturation!) faddish gotta-save-the-world-by- means-of-revisionism-and-censorship-of-pop-culture movement. I’ll see your “white savior” malarkey and raise you a fish-out-of-water scenario! What’s the difference between the two? Nothing at all except skin pigmentation. Making it all about skin color? You tell me who’s being racist, then. Oh, and Danny Rand’s mother was from K’un Lun, which though it is a mythical realm is generally interpreted as being populated by ASIANS. Which means Iron Fist is half Asian. That should suffice to shut up those bitching about the CHARACTER’s whiteness. (It won’t, but it should.) As for the ACTOR portraying the character, Finn Jones, he’s English. Is there any Asian-ness in his genetic pedigree? I don’t know. I doubt anybody asked him when he auditioned for the part. Should they have? Should they have made an issue out of his race? Wouldn’t that, by definition, constitute racism? If they’d wanted to be truly accurate to the character as he is presented in the comics, they should have cast an actor who is half Asian. But would even THAT have satisfied the PC wankers?

If you’re looking for a more mainstream review of the hit film LOGAN, head on over to our sister site, werewolves.com. As THIS site is dedicated to comics and comics-related subjects exclusively, Ima focus a bit more on the geekier side of things, on some of the ways in which the film lined up with the established comics canon and some ways in which it diverged. Before I really begin, though, I should announce a SPOILER WARNING. Just in case you’re one of the few who hasn’t already seen it and has managed to avoid anybody telling you what happens. (If you have managed to dodge all the spoiler talk, you deserve props either for concentrated effort or exaggerated luck, or else pity because you have no social life or social interaction.)

As beautiful as the father/daughter dynamic in the film is, I had to inform my lovely movie-attending companion that in actuality Laura, aka X-23, is NOT Logan’s daughter. She is his CLONE. They only had access to half of Logan’s DNA, the X instead of the Y chromosome, so they just duplicated it and then created a clone from that genetic material. That’s why she’s a girl. It’s a fine point, perhaps, but it is a fact. (Apparently they found the other chromosome at some point, though, because X-24 is a perfect MALE copy of the ol’ Canuklehead.)

As for why, as my lovely companion asked me, I didn’t tear up at the end, when Logan died, I had to explain that he has been killed off numerous times before and always comes back. Never doubt the powers of popularity! (The same is true of Professor X.) He even got trapped in Hell once and came back from it, after laying the smackdown on the devil! Death from a slowed-down healing factor, massive injuries, and adamantium poisoning ain’t nothin’ for him. In point of fact I believe he’s ALREADY come back from that scenario in he comics.

The question is whether or not we will see Hugh Jackman back in the role. Don’t bet against it. LOGAN has been a whopping monster hit—and Jackman has already said he’d play Wolverine again if he got to appear in an AVENGERS movie. Considering that the yokels at 20th Century Fox have now painted themselves into a corner—they’re going to want to continue making money off the character, but where do they go from here?—it would make perfect sense for them to take the step of reuniting with Marvel Studios, especially if the new Spider-Man flick makes a shit-ton of money, which I’m betting it will.

No worries, peeps. Wolverine will be back. You can’t keep a good (X) man down.

The Oscars lost credibility forever on the night a Woody Allen flick beat out STAR WARS for Best Picture of the Year. A film that completely reinvented popular culture and changed moviemaking for all time. And a Woody Allen comedy. Yeah, which one is REALLY the most deserving of recognition? And then there’s Oscar’s refusal to recognize genre work, the innate snobbishness that also severely hinders its legitimacy. As little as the Oscars mean, though, their dark companion, the Razzies, mean absolutely NOTHING. They never had credibility to lose. They are an embarrassment to themselves.

I don’t know what movie “won” the Razzie for worst picture this year, and I don’t care. I’ve never followed the Razzies and I never will, again because they are meaningless drivel. I did hear that BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN got nominated. Seriously? Even by Razzie standards, this is embarrassing. I could, with little effort, name dozens of movies deserving of that “honor.” BVS doesn’t even belong on the list. If it WERE a bad movie—which it ISN’T—I doubt it would be even in the top (or bottom?) one hundred.

Try to wrap your mind around this concept, BVS haters. A movie can be well made, well executed, and still not be well LIKED. A lot of folks didn’t like BVS, but a lot of people DID, and there were far more of the latter than the former, as statistics bear out. Numbers don’t lie. But you wouldn’t know it, listening to all the self-important wannabe Hipsters who lazily throw around the word “suck” as if it means something. They may not have LIKED the movie, but the amount of viewers who did not care for it is NOT equivocal to the quality of said movie. It is simply that the final product was not to their tastes. That doesn’t mean it was a failed execution. With BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN, the creators set out to make a certain kind of movie and they made it. Technically, it is sound. It’s like a chef preparing a special dish for a dinner party. Not everyone at the party cares for the taste. That doesn’t mean the chef is a lousy cook or that he fouled up the recipe. Only that not everyone has a common palate.

I figure all this is over the heads of the tryin’-ta’be’trendy pilers-on who make up the Razzie fan base and I’m probably just preaching to the choir, here, but it needed to be said, anyway. People who use their brains, well, they do just that. People who don’t? They wait for the Oscars and the Razzies to tell them which movies are any good and which ones “suck.” Know what REALLY sucks? Not thinking for yourself and following a vocal (but not too numerous) crowd in a pitiful effort to be a part of said crowd. Oh, and the ones who pander to those lemmings as they march along blindly. The rest of us sit back and chuckle as we watch them all play follow the leader right off the nearest convenient cliff.

Who’d want to have a COMMON palate, anyway?

A couple’a three weeks back, I reported that the long-awaited second HELLBOY sequel was likely in preproduction, as writer/director Guillermo del Toro had conducted a “poll” on his Twitter page to see how many fans were interested, and as I pointed out, he wouldn’t have mentioned it at all if some progress hadn’t already been made on the project. Sadly, Del Toro just announced, also via his Twitter account, that the film would “100%” NOT happen. This would seem to be the final word on the subject. What happened?

If Del Toro wants to do the project and star Ron Perlman wants to do it, it would seem a logical assumption that the holdout is character owner Mike Mignola. I don’t know WHY Mignola wouldn’t want them to do another film, as it could only help sales of the HELLBOY comic book. Maybe Mignola has reached a level of success where he no longer has to worry about book sales and royalties? There might be other reasons, too, why it all fell through, but it’s hard to figure what those issues might be. Del Toro is himself at a level of success where he can get projects made, even if the studio involved isn’t crazy about said project, so we can probably rule out the studio as a contributing factor. We’ll never know for certain, but it’s sad news to all fans of the films that the planned finale to what was supposed to be a trilogy will never get made. As Hellboy would say, “Crap!”

This, in my (not so) humble yet educated opinion, is exactly what the BATMAN comics need right now. To my mind, there has never been a satisfactory rematch betwixt Batman and Bane. Batman never really got even for bane snapping his spine way back in the 90s during the KNIGHTFALL event/publicity stunt. For all the times they’ve locked horns, there was never a satisfying round two. Not for me. Not on the printed page. In the film THE DARK KNIGHT RISES there sure was. Batman laid some serious smack down on Bane in that one. I could scarce stay in my seat in the theater. It was like I was a kid again, watching Hulk Hogan battle with some nefarious heel inside the WWF ring. (Back in those days, it was the World Wrestling FEDERATION. There was no “entertainment” in the title.) THAT is the kind of visceral reaction I want to have to a comic book showdown, and I’ve never gotten it. Maybe this time will be different. Twenty years is a long time to wait, but it could be worth it. Come on, writers! Don’t let me down!

Superman got HIS second round with Doomsday. He came back from the dead to whip Doomsday like meringue pie topping. And that was BEFORE he got to kill him in the BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN movie. I don’t want DC to kill off Bane. He’s much too good a villain for that. But I DO want to see him get his ass kicked. I have a feeling he will, this time. The question is, how much damage will he do before that happens?

He’s officially out as the DIRECTOR of the forthcoming BATMAN movie. That he will not be playing the character, either, is just a rumor at this point, and probably a rumor is all it will remain, despite all the online prognostication to the contrary. Nor is it necessarily a bad thing that Affleck is stepping down as director. He states that it is because he doesn’t have the time to devote to both starring in and directing the feature, that he doesn’t want to limit himself by dividing his energies. He could have let his ego drive him into doing both, and as such he might have failed to give either his full effort. The film would have suffered because of it. I’d much rather see him focus on playing the lead role. There are plenty of competent directors out there.

Don’t forget, also, that Affleck is co-writing the screenplay, so there’s another labor to potentially distract him, as it is doubtful that the script, once completed, would have remained set in stone once filming began; revisions large or small would have likely been necessary. This is another reason why stepping down as director was a prudent move. Lastly, the fact that the script has undergone several rewrites does not bode ill for the production, as some have said. Affleck has gone on record that he will not be involved in the film until the script is “perfect.” His commitment to keep working on it until it IS perfect should give fans hope rather than make them doubt. IF—and note this is a big IF—Affleck leaves the project altogether, it would mean that the studio has made it impossible for him to create a quality film. THEN we can all give up hope. Until then, give the man credit for not settling and for demanding the best of himself.

I’m a tad behind on this one, but I’m bringing it to you in real time. I’ve been behind in all my reading as of late, and I couldn’t very well review the comic before I read it. (Sure, I coulda lied about it, but you all would have seen through that, plus it would be disingenuous of me.) I finally read the comic this morning; it’s now one o’clock in the afternoon. That’s as “hot off the press” as you can get, even if the review itself is coming several weeks after the comic hit the stands.

As much as I’ve enjoyed the series overall, I was a tad disappointed in this final issue. It sorta felt like a cop-out by writer Brian Michael Bendis. I’m a big mark for the guy, but this time he seems to have taken the easy way out. He gets rid of the character, Ulysses, who is causing all the problems with his premonitions of future events, by having him “evolve” to a higher spiritual plane or some such. No satisfying answer is reached over whether or not it was morally right for the superheroes to seek to prevent crimes from being committed before they could happen. Maybe there IS no satisfying answer. And then Bendis puts Tony Stark into a coma for a little while, conveniently allowing him (flowing Marvel’s orders, probably) to ramrod his new character, RiRi Williams, down everybody’s throat as the “new” Iron Man. (INCLUSIVITY AND DIVERSITY AT ANY COST—EVEN GOOD STORYTELLING!) It does afford him the opportunity to give us Dr. Doom putting on Tony’s armor and playacting as a good guy—no, I still don’t think he’s sincere—as the “infamous” Iron Man, so it isn’t a completely disappointing move. Even so, this last issue of CIVIL WAR 2 felt anticlimactic to me. Unlike with the first CIVIL WAR, which was solidly based on real world politics, this one came off as contrived –which, let’s be honest, it was. The first series had long-lasting reverberations. I don’t see this one has making the same sort of impact. Tony will be out of commission for a few months, long enough for the ALL NEW! ALL DIFFERENT! Iron Teenager to get established. That’s about it. The only thing this series really accomplished was to make me dislike Captain Marvel, who came across as a total b*tch. After the original CIVIL WAR I never again cared for Reed Richards. Will I likewise be turned off to Captain Marvel? Or will some other writer manage to make her likable again?

File this one under “It’s about time!” It seems that visionary director Guillermo del Toro is ready to move on the long-awaited HELLBOY 3. He posted on Twitter, posing the question: “Informal poll (let’s see how many votes we get in 24 hours) Hellboy III” and gave responders the choice between a simple “yes” and a “Hell yes!” He then promised that, if the responses reached “100K” he would have “a serious sit down w Mignola et Perlman!” Did he get enough votes? Probably—but it hardly matters.

Guillermo del Toro wouldn’t be flippant about something like this. He is far too professional. The fact that’s he mentioned it at all means he has already had that meeting with Ron Perlman and character creator Mike Mignola, and that HELLBOY 3 is at least in pre-production. This is cause for celebration for all us fans both of the films and of the comics, who’ve waited patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) all these years to see Hellboy back on the big screen again. Both Del Toro and Ron Perlman have gone on record in the past confirming that the HELLBOY cinematic story was always intended to be a trilogy. It was just a matter of getting all the ducks in the proper row. Now those ducks seem to be lining up.

Make it happen, Guillermo! Hell, yes!