“Humanity hates and fears the X-Men in the Marvel Universe. In the real world, the genetically superpowered heroes have enjoyed incredible visual interpretations over the last 50 years.”  

There have been a number of amazing X-Men artists over the last half century, but who are your favorites? Who are the best and brightest? But what’s more important, –which ones are our favorites? You can click through to see the full list of 20 celebrated X-Men artists, but to keep things short and sweet, I’m going to give you my top seven from the list, in order of awesomeness:

  1. Barry Windsor-Smith; he might be at the bottom of the list, –or the top, I guess, but trust me, that’s only because someone has to be. 
  2. Mike Choi; beautiful work, but often a little too chaotic and mashed up for my taste. 
  3. Clayton Crain – His work on X-Force looked a bit like a promo poster from The Lost Boys  movie; heavy on the red and monochromatic tones. Bleak, stark, and dramatic.
  4. Olivier Coipel – Not my favorite, but still very attractive; details aren’t as precise but Coipel seems to focus on the “bigger picture” –fleshing out full panels rather than just one character at a time.
  5. Art Adams – He made his characters larger than life; they seem to have a punk rock glow, and his attention to facial details is moving.
  6. Frank Quitely – I love Quitely, and I mean this in the nicest possibly way, but only he can make Wolverine look like a Greek pimp from Brooklyn. 
  7. Marc Silvestri – Who can’t love this man? The lines, accuracy, and use of color to create a completely full, rich, almost overwhelming panel was, and is, completely unparalleled. 

source: kotaku.com

Tyrese Gibson has once again teased the possibility that he will be Green Lantern, this time […]

God, I hope so… Tyrese Gibson is so incredibly hot, I just want to… um. Nevermind, let’s get back to the rumor mill. Dudes, let me back in for just a second. Now, in the original post, there was an update, –they misinformed us by saying first that Gibson tweeted the selfie of himself  in Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern costume, with the caption “see you soon” –but then at the end of the post, it said the selfie was actually posted on Instagram, –ugh, who can keep up.

Unfortunately, now the photo is gone! So does that mean that Gibson isn’t getting the role…? Or that he never was in the first place and doesn’t want to cause a big hullabaloo? Because I gotta say man, you probably should just quit all the Green Lantern teasing if you’re not really going to be the new Green Lantern. Gah! So confusing. Will someone please clear this up in the next week or so? I want to know so I can actually get excited about seeing Green LAntern (unlike the last one).

source: comicbook.com

Things are going to get interesting…

Don’t you love it when people who know nothing about comic books ….write about comic books? I’m not one of those comic book elite nerdy geniuses, a la Comic Book Guy on The Simpsons –but come on. Deathbolt was like, a blip in the DC Comics universe; he rarely interacts with anyone important, he’s defeated pretty succinctly, returns once, and not even for a really big plot… he tries to kill Starman.

Big surprise, Starman was not killed by Deathbolt, he was killed by the Mist. So yeah… Deathbolt was not a “supervillain” –he was a minor villain, who was literally so unimportant, that there isn’t even really an established full story about where he ends up. He just fails to kill Starman and then goes back to being an obscure, low rent metahuman nobody. Presumably, he gets a job at Taco Bell with Wonder Woman as his shift supervisor, constantly on his ass about cleaning the slushy machines. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still going to be suuuuper cool to finally see someone with “powers” on Arrow –but let’s not get things twisted here.

source: www.cinemablend.com

A behind the scenes set photo confirms that Morena Baccarin will be playing the mutant known as Copycat in the upcoming Deadpool movie from 20th Century Fox

Hey there True Believers, are you a fan of Deadpool? I figured so, who doesn’t love The Pool these days? We hold that truth to be self-evident. It’s been revealed that Morena Baccarin from Firefly and V fame is playing the mutant Copycat. For long-time followers of Deadpool and not the bandwagon jumpers that showed during Daniel Way’s run on Deadpool, she’s been around since Deadpool first appeared in New Mutants #98

This is the latest news on the film and I’m sure more is to come along with the cast that’s already confirmed next to Ryan Reynolds playing the title character. I’m sure more details will be coming up as time passes with production of the film starting this week in Vancouver. Be on the lookout for Deadpool in theaters February 2016

source: www.comingsoon.net

‘Aquaman’ Jason Momoa was asked to comment on the DC vs. Marvel fanboy war – and the actor’s reply is sure to cause some waves.

Dun, dun, dun! Obviously, Jason Momoa is almost certainly just being kind of a sassy smartass, –he has been before, after all. When he was killed off as Khal Drogo, at first, he was slightly butthurt, and says he told poor old George R.R. Martin to go f*ck himself, –but he says he was just kidding. Momoa admits he was upset, but then he went, bought the books, and became a huge fan. 

Allegedly, he was asked, and I’m paraphrasing here, why all the Marvel fans and DC haters should join the DC fan lovers universe, at a recent appearance at an Indiana Comic-Con, –and his response? He wrote “F*ck Marvel” on the Aquaman “Unite the Seven” poster, and then signed it. So is Jason Momoa joining the battle for comic book dominance, –or was he just being sassy?

source: screenrant.com

“Iron Man may have changed the game for Marvel movies, but Marvel already had a long history of movie-making before the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”  

If there’s one thing I love, it’s superhero movies. They changed the face of the entire movie industry as we know it after 2008’s Iron Man of course, it wasn’t always the gravy train that we know now. The genre earned it’s reputation in blood, political misgivings and many missteps.  

Oh yes, True Believers…there were a lot of stinkers too, as you can imagine. Hammy directors and campy writing didn’t help the attempted “Big Picture” these features were working at which didn’t really culminate until 2008’s The Incredible Hulk  which sparked the over-arcing Marvel Cinematic Universe, that, up until then was ping-ponged back and forth due to political garbage like constant competition between Fox, Sony, and Marvel. Check out the article after the jump and get educated on how some good eventually did come out of a whole lot of bad. 

source: io9.com

It looks like the Marvel universe’s Howard Stark, Dominic Cooper, might be jumping ships to Preacher, from DC’s Vertigo imprint…

Not everyone follows the lesser known comic studios, –but Vertigo is pretty popular, –it’s just not always directly joined to the DC universe. One of Vertigo’s publications, Preacher, is rumoured to be headed to TV with Dominic Cooper as the frontrunner for the role of Jesse Custer in the TV series. If any comic deserved its own syndicated TV slot, Preacher is the one. 

For those of you not familiar with the story, Jesse Custer is a small town Texas preacher, possessed by “Genesis” –who then accidentally kills his flock and destroys his church. The creature Genesis is the unholy offspring of an angel and a demon, and by being bonded to Custer, is supposedly possessive of enough power to rival that of the big G-O-D himself. God runs away from Heaven, to avoid dealing with the drama, and so Jesse Custer goes on a long, adventurous road trip with some friends tagging along, to look for him. Sounds like fun right? I can’t wait!

source: www.denofgeek.com

“How much might Batman be mentioned in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie? Rumor has it the Caped Crusader will cast a shadow over the movie’s proceedings.”  

So no one knows really how Batman is going to be made to look in the upcoming Suicide Squad film. Apparently, according to IGN, there’s a rumor floating around that Batman is sort of a bad guy to the Squad, and painted as villainous, –an enemy of the government. There are also rumors circulating that Ben Affleck might appear in the film as Batman… but that begs another question, perhaps even more important:

How will this fit into the timeline for the Man of Steel continuum? Because the Batman vs. Superman movie follows the latest Superman reboots, –and so where is Suicide Squad supposed to fit in there? The film begins filing in Canada this spring, and we’re all eagerly waiting for more details. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted!

source: www.youtube.com

“Dark Horse Comics and PopCap Games are teaming up to bring the very popular video game, Plants vs. Zombies to a comic shop near you, with an all-new mini-series titled Bully for You.”

What’s even crazier, is that this isn’t just some bullshit, McDonald’s happy meal prize type shit, –they have real artists on the game here, Eisner Award-winning writer Paul Tobin is involved, and artists Ron Chan, –they worked together once before for Marvel’s Models, Inc. Ron Chan has a few major titles under his belt, but has some catching up to in the comic world, –but no worries, –he’ll definitely make a big mark in the comic world eventually.

A bunch of guest writers and artists can be expected to contribute too, like Peter Bagge, Dustin Nguyen, –among others, to work on bonus strips and extra stories from the highly involved Plants vs. Zombies universe, –which somehow has gotten huge over the last few years. Dark Horse has had lots of success releasing PvZ art books, so it makes sense for them to continue to cash in on the phenomena. But it’s not purely commercial; the project sounds like a lot of fun, and the results will definitely be entertaining!

source: nukethefridge.com

I had no idea she was going to die!”  

Me either; I’m going to go with my picks, of the top five of these super sad deaths, you can click through for the other five, –and quite honestly, the list is in desperate need of updating. If we’re talking characters that Chris Nolan has killed off… I was more upset when Bane dies. Gwen Stacy –snap, crackle, pop –she died in the comics, and dies in the movie. Very sad, for everyone involved. 

Professor X –from X-Men: The Last Stand and then I think, pretty much everyone cried, at least until the end of the movie, when we found out his consciousness was just transferred to some guy in a coma. Agent Coulson, probably, in The Avengers, was probably the saddest death I can think of, but Rachel Dawes was still the first, because it was so… out of nowhere. Oh well, there are more tragedies to come.

source: www.nerdacy.com