Anyone who’s fancied making like the Caped Crusader can now live out their dream in a fully Batman themed hotel room…even if only for three hours.

So, I recently met this really, incredibly sweet guy who is constantly offering to take me cool places… like, for future awesome vacations. I think he understood right away that I love to travel, so I am definitely showing him this place: a hotel with Batman and Aquaman theme rooms, –plus! other movie theme rooms too.

The source article has photos of all their cool rooms; it’s called “The Eden Motel” in Taiwan. They have a The Mummy theme room (you know, with Brendan Fraser), an Alcatraz theme room, an incredibly tacky “London” theme room, and my personal favorite, the Greek theme room … the bathroom in there is so pretty, it makes me want to cry. Hey, don’t hate, I’m a girl, –the Batman room is a close second.


Um, Bruce, how about some brand consistency?

 Okay so, we did a post about the evolution of the Superman logo a little while ago, and I would like to point out, that the differences in the Superman logo vs. the differences in the Batman logo over time…. are pretty contrasting. In comparison, the Superman logo changed very little; changes in the shape of the “S” –whereas the Batman logo is all over the place. Honestly, they could probably have found several other variations of the logo if they had looked as thoroughly as the other infographic’s creators did.

It’s still cool to look through all the different manifestations of the symbol; it reminds me of the “Bat sign” and how it changed in the movies as well; the Robin red filter, and then the change back. There will be a new logo soon, once the Batman vs Superman logo makes it onto this list, –but will it be on this list, or the Superman list, –since technically, it’s a Superman movie, what with it following the events of Man of Steel?


“Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson has said he would like to take on the role of Spiderman in the Marvel and Sony reboot.”

He’s adorable, and I do not get how they turned him down; he’s a more experienced actor than Jennifer Lawrence any day of the week, –he’s been doing movies since he was little, and, he’s been great in them. So why not hand him a role in a comic book movie? I mean, Andrew Garfield has zero chance of convincing me he’s still in high school, which is where Spider-Man is set to appear in his next film, –which means you can almost guarantee that despite our complaints, there is going to be yet another long, long origin story that takes up half the movie. God, how many times do we have to watch Uncle Ben die?

Anyway, I think Hutcherson would make a good choice, –and he’s been passed over for it before. Ouch. His audition tape is floating around out there, so… check it out if you find it, then come back and tell me why he would suck as Spider-Man, because I just don’t see it.


OK, so maybe the Oscars were a little unkind to the superhero movie genre last weekend, but given the amount of big news from that side of the movie industry over the last seven days, it’s clear who’s likely to have the last laugh.

Jason Momoa, a.k.a. Khal Drogo, a.k.a. Conan the Barbarian has finally been shown off to the world as the King of Atlantis in the DC Universe. Just going off the picture and tribal influence therein, Zack Snyder’s direction is already looking interesting and I’m betting he’ll have interesting chemistry with Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel and Ben Affleck’s interpretation of The Caped Crusader. 

In other news, Viola Davis from How To Get Away With Murder fame has finally been confirmed to take the roll of Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad as their uncompromising and willing to make sacrifices leader. Still, I’d say it’s sadly disappointing that fan favorite C.C.H. Pounder, who voiced Waller in many animated shows and movies was passed over for Davis but considering her work on How To Get Away With Murder so far, I think she’ll do the role justice. 


America’s Ace of the Airways is the subject of this week’s column on the history of comic-book movies.

That would be “Hop Harrigan” to those of you born this century, –but, to be fair, comic book movies got their start a very, very long time ago. Superheroes have long been the subject of film and TV, –just ask Superman, or Batman. This is actually the fifth chapter of the web series, so I definitely advise you to browse through the earlier installments.

Each entry gives the basic credit overview; directors, actors, and biographical information on the movies or shows. They also give the best and worst effects on the show. Most dated (oldest cliche) moments, the most timeless moments, and further thoughts (like on Jerry Springer), –and original shots from the production, –those will give you a hint on how old this contribution is. Who do you suppose will be next? I’ve got my fingers crossed for Spider-Man.


Over the past few days, the plethora of comic book movies being made by Hollywood studios have […]

Comic book movies get bashed a lot, not just for their content, but for their constancy; there is no end to comic book movies. If I was arguing on the side of cinema, I would say, “Comic book movies are great, –but when are we finally going to stop making so damn many of them? Is the trend ever going to end? Can’t we see something original …ever?”

But, the advocate in me also thinks, hey, there have been a lot of awesome comic book movies made too; The Dark Knight trilogy, the older Batman movies modeled after the Adam West series, and do I really need to even mention Watchmen? That movie alone stands as a testament to the value of comic book movies, –and coupled right alongside Guardians of the Galaxy, I think that if any argument were to be made against superhero/comic book movies, it would be that maybe the mainstream comic book movies are getting a little tired, and more attention should be paid to the smaller titles. 


“In September Fox granted Neil Gaiman’s DC and Vertigo comic Lucifer a pilot commitment…”

This is so exciting! Neil Gaiman’s many comic contributions to the world of graphic novels includes the dandy character and Lord of Hell, “Lucifer” –who, has his own piano bar in Los Angeles, because to be fair, Lucifer gets pretty bad rep, and has for a long time. Maybe he isn’t happy in Hell, so… he takes off, abandons his post, and runs his bar. And also helps the LAPD punish criminals.

A lot of big names are involved in developing the pilot, –so this is one to watch. I wonder who will play the starring character… Lucifer is portrayed in the comics as being very handsome, and very blonde, as pictured above. I think Alexander Skarsgard would make an excellent Lucifer, –they’re both sexy blonde gentlemen, who might make really awesome vigilantes.


Zack Snyder released the first image of Aquaman via Twitter, and, well. We wouldn’t mess with him.

It occurs to me that casting Jason Momoa as Aquaman might have been like, a way to get more girls to watch comic book movies; or at least, a way to get more girls and gay men into the theaters; not that Thor didn’t do it for s plenty, –but he’s so wholesome… and blonde. Jason Momoa is… well. He’s effing Khal Drogo, okay? 

So this is the very first photo of Jason Momoa, aka, Khal Drogo, as Aquaman, –and I really like what they’ve done with him here. Instead of clean cut, white guy who just happens to be able to swim fast and control fish, we get a big merman looking warrior who seriously seems to have an ability for ass-kicking, in and out of the water. Definitely the best choice for Aquaman. 


“Oliver Queen has faced many different types of bad guys during Arrow, but most of their skills can actually be learned in real life…”

Doug Jones is going to make a seriously creepy villain; his face is weird. Not that he’s ugly, but I mean… he looks like Barney the Dinosaur’s evil skinny twin. And he’s also one of the first mutant type enemies that the “Arrow” hero, Oliver Queen, is going to face on the show. According to my source, Deathbolt is sort of a b-villain, –not really a big name among the evil masterminds.

Something tells me that Doug Jones is probably going to make Deathbolt a name that we remember; I mean, he’s not exactly a big supervillain or anything, but! his characters’ personality and his stage presence alone are a force to be reckoned with. I get the idea of his being similar to the Joker, as he was performed by Heath Ledger; a pretty innocuous looking guy who blows up the character’s potential. At least, the miniature version of that is what I’m hoping for.  


The business of heroes needs saving from the crushing weight of its own data. The Marvel team thinks they’ve built a solution: a massive database that…

Wow. Just wow. The physical representation of the Marvel universe’s characters… is absolutely breathtaking. Visually, it’s just… wow. I know, but hell, is there any other word for it? Graphed out, it actually looks like a Universe; or well, a Miniverse, –the complexity of the Universe itself is infinite, the complexity of the Marvel Universe is finite, –and this is just one of the stunning graphics you can see on the source.

Some of the other visual graphics for the Marvel universe are multicolored, but… phew. I want this in my house. Like, as a giant mural, covering one wall; do you think if it was blown up against one big wall, you could see all the characters and names? All their relationships? My ex-husband would stare at something like that for hours, and most likely, go into serious nerd overload. He might even have a seizure. The Marvel universe is… beautiful.