See also Batman .

This is exactly what this meme needed: a caption about Superman and what we, the world think of him, versus, what his mom thinks, his friends think, and what he really does. Apparently, society thinks he spends all day making out with Wonder Woman while flying through the air. Not really dude, I have always been aware of Superman being totally balls deep in Lois Lane. She has him whipped man.

I wonder which issue it was that Superman made out with Wonder Woman? I need help, comic book nerds…. tell me! Oh, and don’t forget the link on the site has more memes, –a “What Batman Really Does” meme is on there somewhere too!


“We often don’t think about the past or future lives of pop culture characters…”

That’s probably because Batman having to take a Robin and Batgirl toddler pair off to pre-school isn’t necessarily comic book canon, and I don’t think Luigi actually ends up with Princess Toadstool… I always thought it was Mario, and John Leguizamo just went his own way, and later on ended up with lots of supporting roles in action movies, killing zombies and whatnot.

But these are super cute, and it does certainly illustrate that being a superhero does entail sacrifices: most superheroes don’t have kids, because it would be a risk, not to them, but to their families lives, every day. I mean, just look at how many different women die in the process of being a long term love interest of any hero.


DC has released an infographic revealing the name of Superman’s new power.

Superman’s new power was revealed in today’s release of Superman #38, –and it’s way too early for spoilers, so I won’t tell y’all how he gets it or what it does exactly, but I will tell you what it’s called: “Superflare!” Dun, dun, dun! 

I bet it turns him into a giant blowtorch, and he can spot-weld with his hands.. oh wait, he can already do that with his eyes. Damn, what else is left? Maybe he can blind people… temporarily by lighting up like a road flare? Or maybe the purpose of this power is be like, a giant warning beacon, like a lighthouse? If anyone else got today’s issue, stop by and let us know all about it. 


“From IDW Publishing, comes Imaginary Drugs, an anthology of sci-fi short stories compiled and edited by Michael McDermott.”

Okay, so I know this is backwards, but Marvel and DC were not the people behind my introduction to comics. Do you know who was responsible for my great love of comics? Jhonen Vasquez, and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. And from there, The Sandman series, which is where I got into DC but only barely, because technically, Vertigo is mostly independent of the DC universe.

Anyway, point being, my loyalty is almost always going to go to the independent comics, the guys who don’t toe the line. Hence my intro for Imaginary Drugs, –it’s funny, the art is fresh, and the first recommendation you see? A blurb quote from “The Lady at the Grimy Ol’ Gas Station by Jonathan’s House.” Fantastic.


Ms Marvel has been drafted in by culture jammers in San Francisco to protest against Islamophobic adverts – it’s the latest chapter in comic book diversity

The ‘Freedom Defense Initiative’ –a group of complete douche nozzles, purchased 50 ads to be placed on city buses. Most public transportation bus lines have ad space that can be purchased by corporate entities and even small businesses. This is, in fact, one way that cities can raise funds outside of taxes. Which is why the city agreed to allow the racist messages to appear on their buses in the first place: money talks, bullshit walks. 

So, another group, this one affiliated with the Bay Area Art Queers Unleashing Power, amassed a campaign to cover the ads with female superhero, Ms Marvel, a Pakistani-American, as well as stickers that say things like “Stamp Out Racism”, “Free Speech isn’t a License to Spread Hate” and “Calling All Bigotry Busters!” This an amazing response to these messages of hate. I hope they all end up covered, personally. 


“…the Dark Knight’s been around for more than 75 years, with hundreds—maybe even thousands—of people drawing the iconic superhero through the decades…”

Which means that choosing only 27 of the best Batman artists, ever, like, of all time, –over 75 FRIGGIN’ years of Batman comics… I mean… that’s a shitload of people, and 27 is just a tiny number. The first person to draw Batman ever was Bob Kane, –though it may also have been Bill Finger, so of course, he’s number one on their list: I even tried checking with my ex-husband, who apparently doesn’t know. Either that, or, having not spoken to him in months, my sudden inquiry may have sounded odd. 

Oh well! My favorite artist, of all time, oooh. Toughy. They’re both on this list, though. I’d say it’s a choice between Jim Lee, and then the ultra-detail of Lee Bermejo and Frank Quitely. Quitely provides so much texture, in like, everything: it’s almost disturbing, because he almost appears to be drawing from life. 


“…it is easy to see why comic books have the potential to help readers.”

Comic books are great, but the question this article poses is: “Do comic books innovate and improve reading habits for children, –do they lead to more enriching material?” I like the idea, but unfortunately, I cannot side with the idea that comic books improve the reading habits of children.

The digital generation is upon us, and video is king. Comic books are not going to pull young readers into books without pictures, –they’re just a cop-out for trying to get kids to read more. There are illustrated classics already in existence, –and as cool as it is that Marvel is converting classic literature into graphic novels, is it possible that instead of introducing classical literature, we’re just introducing kids to comics? 


DC Comics’ Earth One series of graphic novels are meant to be a clean slate: self-contained, fresh takes on some of their oldest characters, perfect…

If you’re anxiously awaiting the release of the next volume of Superman: Earth One –you have definitely come to the right place! There are quite a few pages at EW, –click through the source article in the link below to find enough pages to a) feed your Superman-crack jones, or b) make it incredibly worse.

But don’t worry! You won’t have to wait too much longer, I promise! In fact, the wait is barely a week. Superman: Earth One is going to be released on February 3rd, –yay! By the way, if you’re new to Earth One there are volumes for Batman, and Teen Titans as well. The idea was to create a fresh, new take on the DC Universe, and considerably more dark than their predecessing mythos.


‘Avengers 2’ actor Paul Bettany says the film is Marvel’s biggest movie so far, and reveals that drone cameras were used during filming.

You know how it is when you’ve literally watched everything even remotely interesting on Netflix, and finally, start watching Lifetime channel movies…? Yeah. So we have to wait patiently for Marvel’s next Avengers movie, and meanwhile, geek out on all the chick flicks Netflix has to offer.

Meanwhile, that Avengers movie, is the most expensive, –$250 million was the budget, and spent on things like “drone cameras” –though the source article says they’re cheaper than filming from a helicopter. The majority of the movie is probably being spent on travel to and from international locations, carting equipment to those locations, as well as the actors. Then actually paying the people making the movie, including the actors, the extras, and all those tiny people behind the scenes that get like, no credit, ever.


“Welcome comic book lovers, welcome moviegoers to the 36th CRAVE article…”

I love the idea of a comic book movie, specifically a DC movie, that has our favorite superheroes… duking it out as zombies: Blackest Night written by Geoff Johns would probably be incredibly bizarre and scary, but definitely won’t make it to the screen any time soon, since the DC movies have tied themselves together to form a unified wall, blocking out some of the weirder, other-universe plots.

My second favorite from the list is Judge Dredd vs. Aliens Incubus, mainly because I absolutely adore everything H.R. Giger; I love the films, including the Alien vs. Predator franchise, –this movie might actually get made. It has a better chance than the other one, and we need a new Alien movie, it’s about the right time. Check out the source article to see the other three topics that NEED to be on screen.