2017’s Cinematic Comic Offerings

I don’t like to watch trailers on the Internet. I prefer to wait, to see them on the big screen before a movie, the way it used to be. Sure, you have to wait for them, and it’s a gamble. You never know when and where that trailer you’re looking for will show up. (And why do they call them “trailers” when they come BEFORE the feature film?) But there’s a magic when one of them flickers to life in the darkened theater. You don’t get that watching something online. This past weekend, when I went to see PASSENGERS (an excellent flick, by the way), I finally got to see the trailer for the next Spider-Man film. From what I saw, it seems Marvel has gotten the formula right. Spidey is wisecracking, uncertain, awkward, brave, and in every other respect what the character is supposed to be, what he was like in the early days of his superheroism, when he was new to his powers and trying to find his way. He looks like Stan Lee’s Spider-Man. I predict this will be the most comic-accurate Spider-Man we’ve seen yet.

I also got to see the trailer for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOLUME 2, and it looks to be as much fun as the first installment. Rocket trying to instruct baby Groot on the proper operation of a bomb had me laughing raucously in my seat, as did Drax ragging on Starlord over Mantis’ outing of him and his secret love for Gamora. I’m looking forward to May and July, respectively.

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By TheCheezman

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