10 Ways to Make a New Spider-Man Movie Better

“Much of the excitement that surrounded this week’s announcement of the deal between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures to allow Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe…”

The idea is that somehow Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are going to get together and make the perfect, or the “correct” Spider-Man movie, whereas everyone else has been doing it wrong. I personally, refuse to believe that Sam Raimi has ever done anything wrong. He could kill one of his girlfriends, like Phil Spector, and I’d still be rooting for him, because hey, she probably deserved it. Anyway, the article does bring up a few good points.

For example: no more long, drawn out, 45 minute intervals of backstory. Dude. And then every movie not only gives the backstory/origin story, but then, it continuously flashes back to the death of Uncle Ben. Origin + flashbacks is overkill, –and we support the suggestion that they should just keep origins and stuff in the flashbacks, and keep them short. Move on to better villains, and better support for Peter Parker, –not Spider-Man. He’s a loner, and needeth no sidekicks. 

source: www.hollywoodreporter.com

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