10 of the Saddest Comic Book Movie Deaths

I had no idea she was going to die!”  

Me either; I’m going to go with my picks, of the top five of these super sad deaths, you can click through for the other five, –and quite honestly, the list is in desperate need of updating. If we’re talking characters that Chris Nolan has killed off… I was more upset when Bane dies. Gwen Stacy –snap, crackle, pop –she died in the comics, and dies in the movie. Very sad, for everyone involved. 

Professor X –from X-Men: The Last Stand and then I think, pretty much everyone cried, at least until the end of the movie, when we found out his consciousness was just transferred to some guy in a coma. Agent Coulson, probably, in The Avengers, was probably the saddest death I can think of, but Rachel Dawes was still the first, because it was so… out of nowhere. Oh well, there are more tragedies to come.

source: www.nerdacy.com