10 Key Characters Comic Book Movies… That Were Never in Comic Books

Not all comic book movie characters originated in comic books.

Of course, some of them might have been added later, but I doubt it. My favorite in this whole huge list, was Max Schreck. He was played by Christopher Walken in Batman Returns, –and first, because this is Christopher Walken, as this incredibly sexy guy with white hair and a big coat. He was hot. But my other reason for loving this character is that he is named after the actor to play Count Orlok in Nosferatu

Most people don’t know that, bit of trivia for you there. Anyway, the #1 character to be added to a comic book movie, after never been featured in the comic book, was “Nuclear Man” pictured above, in his appearance in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. If you haven’t seen the older Christopher Reeves Superman movies, you’re missing out. Check out the other eight comic book movie characters and learn some of the trivia behind their genesis.

source: whatculture.com

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