Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy are rumoured to be vying for the role of Doctor Strange in a new superhero film for Marvel.

The rumor spreading around the net, thanks to a heads up from, is that Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hardy could be picked to play Doctor Strange in the next Marvel superhero movie.  Sherlock has a lot of similar personality traits as Doctor Strange, the actor which plays him is simply brilliant, I would say perfect choice. Now Tom Hardy, well yes he’s yummy, but he’s also no stranger to superhero characters or should I say villains, with his notorious role Bane in the ‘Dark Knight Rises’. Who would YOU pick to fill the role of Doctor Strange?


The first trailer for NBC’s ‘Constantine’ – starring Matt Ryan as John Constantine – has been released. But does it look any good?

This new trailer is said to be the best series trailer ever, and after watching it, I see what they mean.  The quality is that of a high budget horror film set to hit theaters, but instead NBC will be carrying it on Friday nights with ‘Grimm.’  ‘Constatine’s alter ego, Matt Ryan, seems to have some incredible lines, which I have no doubt will secure him and the show, great success.  I can’t wait to see where they’re going with this tv adaptation. It will be a perfect compliment to ‘Grimm’ in the Friday night time slots.  Who is your favorite character from this DC comic?


‘The Vampire Diaries’ star Steven R. McQueen has hinted he might play Nightwing in ‘Arrow.’ Could that happen in Season 3?

The brilliance behind CW’s success other than knowing their audiences, is the fact that they take popular young actors from one show, and give them life in a new character on another, such as Hayley on ‘The Originals’ or ‘Arrow’s Roy from ‘Teen Wolf.’  This casting policy has been widely used for decades on daytime television, but CW has very successfully adapted it to the nighttime tv as well.  Will Steven McQueen be the next success of the CW network with his hopes of securing the new role of ‘Nightwing’ on this season of ‘Arrow,’  we definitely hope so.  Do you think Steven McQueen would make a good ‘Nightwing’?


Arrow star Stephen Amell has posted a new video of his Season 3 “superhero workout” that shows off some very impressive moves.

Stephen Amell gives us a sneak peek into his world behind the curtain. I can’t imagine how difficult the stunts are he’s constantly asked to do, it definitely looks like he trains hard in preparation to do them.  His training center seems to encompass every type of stunt we have come to expect from the ‘Arrow’ on the show, but he’s not taking himself to serious. Who wouldn’t love to have this hottie’s body or a boyfriend who does?


A new superhero suit will appear on Arrow early in the third season, series star Stephen Amell reve

The Arrow himself, Stephen Amell, tells visitors at Pheonix Comic Con there’s going to be a new superhero suit coming to the show, although he doesn’t say for which of them it will be, someone  we know or even a new character.  I think if anyone needs a decent costume, it’s Roy.  He was also asked which villain he would like to see on the show, for which he replied Ra’s al Ghul.  How about you, what villain would you like to see on the show in season 3?


75 years after Batman first appeared in ‘Detective Comics’ #27, co-creator Bill Finger is finally getting credit for his work with a new special edition. (75 Years Later, Batman Co-Creator Bill Finger Gets A Cover Credit On ‘Detective Comics’ #27.

Comics have made a huge resurgence in the past decade with DC and Batman holding a very dark, special place in our hearts.  Finally after all this time, Bill Finger, the dark knight’s co creator, is receiving cover credit for his very popular character Batman.  It may have taken 75 years, but his contribution is coming to light in a big way.  Congratulations to Bill Finger, and his descendants for this long overdue honor.  Do you think Bill Finger should have been recognized before this or is it the perfect way to thank him?


Marvel Comics is canceling a shit-ton of books. That’s a good thing. If nothing else is evident at this point, it’s evident that Marvel needs to clean its house. First, Marvel chose not to renew the contracts of most of their established writers. Then their top dog, Brian Michael Bendis, jumped ship to the Distinguished Competition. When you factor in that Marvel has been, for the past few years, alienating its established readers by force-feeding us “diversity”–i.e. shoving new characters down our throats at the expense of established characters–and it’s no wonder sales have been in the toilet. It’s time to get it together, Marvel.

There is a rumor that Miles Morales may soon change his superhero name. He may become “Spy-D” or something. Doesn’t matter that I think the name is stupid. All that matters is that they stop calling him Spider-Man. He is NOT Spider-Man. Longtime fanboys like me will never accept the character as long as they keep calling him Spider-Man. It also makes sense within the context of the story for him to change his name. Why wouldn’t he want to establish his own identity, instead of being a “replacement” hero? CHANGE THE CHARACTER’S NAME, MARVEL. Sooner rather than later.

I’m gonna go on record right now and state that I do not believe it. Not a word of it. You have to look at the behavior of the people involved. Have any of the accusers filed charges? Nope. They’ve demanded money. Stan claims it is a “shakedown” and I believe him. It is Stan who may be filing charges, as he has, though his attorneys, issued a cease-and-desist letter to the business doing the accusing–which is exactly how I would expect an innocent person to react. All those pervs being “outted” as deviants, have you heard of even one of them filing charges against their accusers for defamation or slander? Nope. Why? Because those guys are guilty. The last thing they want is to end up in a courtroom, especially for a civil trial, where the burden of proof is substantially lower. Stan, on the other hand, reacted exactly as I would in the same circumstances, exactly as any innocent person would.

Initially I was afraid it might be a case like with former President George H.W. Bush, where he’s gone daft in his old age and doesn’t realize his behavior is wrong. But no, I don’t think Stan’s gone round the bend. I think he’s still got his wits about him. And I think he’s completely innocent of all charges.

I enjoyed this one a lot more than I would have expected. I’d initially planned to see it when it came out on video; I WOULD have consigned it to the nearest discount theater, and seen it there; it was, in my initial estimation, a perfect candidate for the discount theater. Alas, AMC decided to turn the only discount theater in the area into a regular theater–a move which will, I am certain, result in either the closing of said theater or its reversion to a discount theater in the near future. It worked out, though. I went to see JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE with family, and I loved it. I would have expected some silly fun, but the movie is a straight-up blast.

I have to credit the cast. Jack Black, who is either on or off with his skills as a thespian, is very much ON here. His comedic abilities are considerable. Likewise, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson should really focus on comedy, as he does his best acting that I’ve seen in this film. Kevin Hart is Kevin Hart, but it works in this one. My favorite character, though, is the one played by Karen Gillan, and it is Gillan who most impressed me with her performance. She was fine (I mean her performance; “fine” has more than one meaning, and both are applicable where she is concerned) as Nebula in the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY movies, and she did a good job in the Horror flick OCULUS, but she really gets to show her comedic chops in JUMANJI. (By the way, even Nick, or whichever one of the Jonas brothers that is in the movie, does a good job. Credit where it’s due.)

JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE is a fun, fun movie. I recommend seeing it on the big screen, even if you, like me, no longer have the option of waiting till it hits the discount theaters. It’s worth seeing at full price. Or at least a matinee.

I got hit by the Flu. Hit hard. On Christmas. The doctor put me in quarantine, so I sent my lovely better half to stay with relatives and forbid anyone from coming to my domicile to check on me. I’ve been all on my own, and have whiled away the hours, when not puking, shivering with fever, hacking my lungs up, and praying for a speedy death, watching old movies. And TV shows. I binged my way through at least half of the original run of THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

I was in the first grade when the show debuted on CBS. For the next several years, each Friday night found me transfixed in front of the screen, watching the exploits of the jade juggernaut. As a kid, I watched it exclusively for the Hulk, of course. As a grown-up, looking at it now, I still appreciate just how GOOD the show is, overall. Yes, it was limited by the technology of the day. They didn’t have CGI. They had to render the Hulk’s superhuman actions via slow-motion, sound effects, and careful camera work. Yes, watching the DVDs, you can sometimes see the ropes pulling the stuntmen into the air when they are supposed to be “thrown” by the Hulk. You can sometimes see that Lou Ferrigno is wearing the equivalent of green pantyhose (so he wouldn’t have to run around the set barefoot, one assumes) and see the patches where the green greasepaint has sometimes smeared away. Some of the episodes are played a little too much for laughs. But overall the writing is excellent and the acting is on par. In particular leading man Bill Bixby is superb. The Hulk is the star, and Lou Ferrigno both looks great in green and manages to lend the character the necessary humanity to make him relatable and make you root for him, but it is leading man David* Banner who must anchor the whole thing, serve as the foundation for the entire series, and Bixby is more than capable.

*The changing of the name was stupid. Show producer Kenneth Johnson has said that he just didn’t like the alliteration of “Bruce Banner,” but Stan Lee stated that Johnson, or someone at the “studio,” was afraid people would think the character was homosexual if his name was “Bruce.” Who is telling the truth? That’s easy. Why would Stan make that up? And the name change sounds like exactly the kind of lamebrain move a TV exec would pull. It confused the hell out of me as a kid. I couldn’t understand why the character I watched on TV had a different name than the character I read about in the comic books.