I had no idea she was going to die!”  

Me either; I’m going to go with my picks, of the top five of these super sad deaths, you can click through for the other five, –and quite honestly, the list is in desperate need of updating. If we’re talking characters that Chris Nolan has killed off… I was more upset when Bane dies. Gwen Stacy –snap, crackle, pop –she died in the comics, and dies in the movie. Very sad, for everyone involved. 

Professor X –from X-Men: The Last Stand and then I think, pretty much everyone cried, at least until the end of the movie, when we found out his consciousness was just transferred to some guy in a coma. Agent Coulson, probably, in The Avengers, was probably the saddest death I can think of, but Rachel Dawes was still the first, because it was so… out of nowhere. Oh well, there are more tragedies to come.

source: www.nerdacy.com

“The CW has released an epic new trailer for the return of The Flash later this month, and it contains plenty of amazing footage…”

According to the new trailer for The Flash, we can expect quite a lot of really cool shit, not to mention, appearances from some of our favorite characters and actors from the DC Comics universe. Mark Hamill’s Trickster makes an appearance, Liam McIntyre will guest star as the “Weather Wizard” –aka Mark Mardon. The Golden Glider will appear on the show as well, and later, Malese Jow guest stars and plays Linda, Barry’s date in a very awkward situation.

The ‘Reverse Flash’ also shows up in Central City, and Dr. Wells is looking more suspicious by the minute, when Cisco starts looking into things a little more closely. The shows comes back later on this month, –so while you wait, there are stills cool promos and trailers. Click on the source to watch the video.

source: www.comicbookmovie.com

The publisher known for comics featuring Bloodshot and X-O Manowar has landed a 9-figure deal to bring their properties to movies and TV.

Tired of the ho-hum of back-to-back Marvel and DC movies? Do you tire of the keyboard warfare of fanboys arguing between which one is better? I think I have just the thing for you.

Valiant Comics recently got a pretty sizable check for developing movies and TV shows. For all the comic book hipsters out there who aren’t fans of mainstream comic movies (how lame) this is a big step for a name that’s not Marvel and DC. Valiant’s first movie is rumored to star Valiant character: Bloodshot. Hit the jump for more info!

source: www.ign.com

The publishing and media production company, which was founded in 2012, also is developing several television series.

I haven’t been this excited since Claire came back to life after Sylar played around with her brain on Heroes. Black Mask Studios brought us 12 Reasons to Die, Godkiller, Ballistic, and Critical Hit among other great titles, and sure, they’re not DC, and they’re not Marvel, –but they’re indie-tastic, they have awesome artwork, and most importantly, great stories to tell.

They’re not famous, but they have fans, –at least, they have me… so maybe now they’ll have you. And a lot of other people eventually, since they’re marketing “tubecomics” –comics that have their own YouTube channel. Neat. And they’re bringing us animated movies, shows, and probably more content, –so they’re definitely a rising studio star in the comic world. I’m ready.. so should you be!

source: www.nytimes.com

The writer was an unlikely choice to take over DC’s best-selling comic, but his tenure in indie comics and his approach to the character have left people clamoring for more.

You know, in the world of fiction and writing, you’d be surprised how often people who attended college or have formal education, get shit on. Usually, by other writers who didn’t go to college or get any formal higher education. I think that Scott Snyder’s best-selling editions of Batman were in part, made possible, by his Master’s degree in fiction, –and that he was bringing a fresh mind to an older story. He took clean, practiced, –not perfected, –indie comic writing, with a gritty edge, sharp and toxic like a rusty Bic razor, and gave us great new stories, about one of our oldest and most loved heros. 

We honestly have his wife to thank; she’s the one who made him go to work, and kept him from calling in sick. But the pressure of making Batman new, sharp, and darker than ever before was probably getting to him. Behind every great man, –is a woman telling him to get off his ass and go to work. 

source: www.scpr.org

Look out! It’s The Green, uh, Buffoon…

I am vengeance. I am the night. I. AM. Laderlappen!

Apparently the Swedes have a very different moniker for the Dark Knight. For the a there, Batman was called, “The Leather Patch”…no really, I’m serious. The article covers several different superhero names from different countries, really makes you wonder how those would relate in the U.S. where these characters were created.

Before you know it, The Incredible Hulk V.S. Wolverine becomes The Green Giant V.S. Jerv. It almost sounds like a canned vegetables mascot fighting a STD. Maybe it would be on the Lifetime channel if they had it in other countries like Italy and Hungary. Check out this article and facepalm at the sheer silliness. 

source: www.businessinsider.com.au

“Ultron lays out his plans for decimating Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the latest trailer for Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” in theaters May 1!”  

The nerd alarm is on full-blast right now everyone, the new and most likely final trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron came out and I’m convulsing on the floor from the sheer awesome that my eyes have seen. The trailer shows some excellent clips of all the main cast and I’m particularly pleased at the good amount of footage of Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner a.k.a. The Incredible Hulk. 

High action and lots of little treats for the comic fans in all of us. Lizzy Olsen and Aaron Taylor Johnson look great as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver respectively in their first entry in the MCU and look to play off well to series’ veterans Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. Remember to stick around after the end of trailer for a quick peek of Vision who was instrumental in the battles with Ultron in the original comic books. See you guys at the theater on May 1st. 

source: www.youtube.com

Anyone who’s fancied making like the Caped Crusader can now live out their dream in a fully Batman themed hotel room…even if only for three hours.

So, I recently met this really, incredibly sweet guy who is constantly offering to take me cool places… like, for future awesome vacations. I think he understood right away that I love to travel, so I am definitely showing him this place: a hotel with Batman and Aquaman theme rooms, –plus! other movie theme rooms too.

The source article has photos of all their cool rooms; it’s called “The Eden Motel” in Taiwan. They have a The Mummy theme room (you know, with Brendan Fraser), an Alcatraz theme room, an incredibly tacky “London” theme room, and my personal favorite, the Greek theme room … the bathroom in there is so pretty, it makes me want to cry. Hey, don’t hate, I’m a girl, –the Batman room is a close second.

source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Um, Bruce, how about some brand consistency?

 Okay so, we did a post about the evolution of the Superman logo a little while ago, and I would like to point out, that the differences in the Superman logo vs. the differences in the Batman logo over time…. are pretty contrasting. In comparison, the Superman logo changed very little; changes in the shape of the “S” –whereas the Batman logo is all over the place. Honestly, they could probably have found several other variations of the logo if they had looked as thoroughly as the other infographic’s creators did.

It’s still cool to look through all the different manifestations of the symbol; it reminds me of the “Bat sign” and how it changed in the movies as well; the Robin red filter, and then the change back. There will be a new logo soon, once the Batman vs Superman logo makes it onto this list, –but will it be on this list, or the Superman list, –since technically, it’s a Superman movie, what with it following the events of Man of Steel?

source: www.fastcodesign.com

“Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson has said he would like to take on the role of Spiderman in the Marvel and Sony reboot.”

He’s adorable, and I do not get how they turned him down; he’s a more experienced actor than Jennifer Lawrence any day of the week, –he’s been doing movies since he was little, and, he’s been great in them. So why not hand him a role in a comic book movie? I mean, Andrew Garfield has zero chance of convincing me he’s still in high school, which is where Spider-Man is set to appear in his next film, –which means you can almost guarantee that despite our complaints, there is going to be yet another long, long origin story that takes up half the movie. God, how many times do we have to watch Uncle Ben die?

Anyway, I think Hutcherson would make a good choice, –and he’s been passed over for it before. Ouch. His audition tape is floating around out there, so… check it out if you find it, then come back and tell me why he would suck as Spider-Man, because I just don’t see it.

source: www.dnaindia.com