During press events for Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Marvel President Kevin Feige revealed that Doctor […]

For those of you who don’t know who Benedict Cumberbatch is, other than an English guy with a really funny name, –he recently played Sherlock Holmes in the BBC series of the same name. It was a great show, totally re-imagined the Sherlock Holmes in the present world, and how he would really be in modern day England. The villains were that much more hardcore, too, to match the time period. As you can imagine, both the weapons and the science are significantly more advanced, and the show manages to translate the classic Holmes with modern Holmes beautifully.

And to see him fill the iconic role of Doctor Strange? It’s going to be amazing, and on top of everything else, the new Doctor Strange movie is going to be directed by Scott Derrickson –the guy who directed Sinister. That to me means the movie is probably going to be dark, as it should be, and stay closer to the grittier, more bloody comics. But then again, it could deteriorate into something stupid… but I have high hopes. 

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Tom Holkenborg, co-composer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, may have spoken a little too soon about the trailer.

What they mean by that is, the comment was removed from Twitter just a little bit afterwards, –sounds like someone got high, let slip a secret, and then, as so many of us do, got in trouble with our bosses about something we did when we were high. We’ve all been there… or at least, I have. Anyway, the fact is that Warner Bros. Studios is sort of in denial that a trailer even exists yet, and who here besides me thinks it’s a little bit crazy that we’re all so excited for just the damn preview? I mean, I’m sure it will be awesome and all, but I for one, am reserving all my excitement for the actual movie. 

Let’s show some restraint here, people. And for those of you who can’t, you can always go straight to theaters on May 15, and see Mad Max: Fury Road, which is going to have the new trailer for Batman vs. Superman accompanying its showings. Or, if you’d like to wait, because hey, sometimes going to the movies, with skyrocketing prices on tickets and other accoutrements, it comes down to a question of “rent or popcorn?” –we’ll have the trailer for you here, as soon as it comes out.

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Alright, I get it. For the next 10 years and probably more we’re going to get saturated with comic book movies…”

I was actually JUST talking about this the other night with my roommate, who often tells me bedtime stories of DC and Marvel hero and villain origins… because hey, I know every fairy tale there is to know. And I was thinking… why the hell hasn’t there been more coverage on some of these other guys….? 

1. The Fearless Defenders – A girl team of heroes, –but! don’t despair, The Defenders will be on Netflix, and Valkyrie, the chick with the blonde dreads, was on the team.. so she might make an appearance.

2. Planet Hulk and World War Hulk – This is one of my two big ones, –because there is SO MUCH in the Hulk storyline that gets totally rolled under the rug, while the Avengers are going around, getting all the attention. There’s a rumor that Hulk is sent off to what will become his “home planet” (it’s…not really) at the end of the next Avengers movie, but… then again, who knows. 

3. Moon Knight – Not that familiar with this one, he’s basically Marvel’s answer to Batman, and was on the Avengers team… so maybe we’ll see him at some point, but so far, the Marvel films are stick with the immediately recognizable heroes. 

4. She-Hulk – My second big wish, that they will finally bring She-Hulk into the mix. She has this really tragic story that I won’t spoil for you if you haven’t read it (which is your fault, really) and it would make an excellent movie. 

If you want to check out the last two on the list, click the source link… but yeah, my big wishes for movies are more Hulk stories, –I’ll never get sick of watching Robert Downey Jr. be clever, but Hulk has his own stuff, and it’s awesome… so come on, Marvel… give us some big green love…

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‘Supernatural’ creator Eric Kripke has revealed his new ‘Amped’ comic series in the works at Vertigo – with a TV show coming to USA.

This is pretty cool, a new show, –and a new comic book, –from the guy who made Supernatural the awesomeness that it is today. You know, I recently got dumped by a guy who didn’t “get” or even like Supernatural… I should have known right away that it wasn’t going to work out. And Amped is pretty much destined to not only be a great comic, –what with it being released by Vertigo and all, –it also promises to be a terrific show. Vertigo is basically where DC Comics choose to stick the good stuff, while they continue pumping out the same shit every year.

While the show is premiering on USA, which is the natural habitat and ecosystem of badly written “man-TV” –that doesn’t mean the show will suck, so much as it will just be slightly out of place, since it’s going to be so awesome. It’s about a guy who buys a homeopathic “smart” pill, –then gets jacked, –a family man with super-strength, –who steps into the role of “real life superhero” –but one wonders just how real shit gets. I mean, are we talking like, Heroes –the suburbs, and politics?  Or more like Shameless if Frank Gallagher could pick up a car? I can’t wait to see how this plays out. If you’ve read the comic, drop us a line and let us know how you liked it!

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“DC Comics: $16.99.  Marvel Comics: $9.49. The Difference Between DC and Marvel Comics? Priceless.”

In the mood for a quick little giggle, True Believers? This one made me laugh, and as a Marvel fan I completely agree. There’s a bunch of comparisons in here that’ll get your gears turning. It’s easy to come up with many differences between DC Comics and Marvel, like all their different events and heroes with different personalities, like Batman and Captain America.

We definitely needed a clear and concise list like this one herein with some really thought provoking differences like DC’s stance on same-sex marriage and Marvel having a gay marriage on the front cover of X-Men, one of Marvel’s biggest selling lines. There’s a lot more than that in the article, True Believers and I think you’ll get some really good perspective on DC after clicking through. 

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In 1988, comic book movies were considered box-office poison.

The first, terrific adaptation of Batman, from Tim Burton, had yet to come out, and no one wanted any part of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it was rejected by every major studio in Hollywood, and survived massive costumes that weighed 70 pounds, –and then to make matters worse, –the major studio that was going to produce the film, pulled out at the last minute. But the happy ending? The highest grossing independent film of all time, based on an underground comic book.

The budget for the film was $13.5 million, –that’s a pretty hefty chunk of change, –and it went on to be a huge box office success, gross $135 million after it dropped. And that’s without the benefit of Marvel or DC supporting it. The original comics came out in 1984, from Mirage Studios, –which been purchased by Viacom, as of 1990, –it sucks, actually. Now the original studio that produced the comic is sort of homeless, the future is unknown and who knows if we’ll ever see them again. What sucks most? The other comics that Mirage produced were full of beautiful art, great stories, and unfortunately, short. So… we’ll see. Read the full story on the source.

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“If you’ve been wondering what to call what DC Comics is doing with its slew of TV and movie characters, we have an answer for you.”

The kid on the right looks like Bran, –how long do you think they’ll make us look at his horrible eyebrows before they let that dream die? Anyway, I do like their rationale for keeping the movie universe and story separate from the TV universe, –the reasoning is basically making sure that those telling the TV stories get their chance to tell the best possible story, –and the same theory applies to the people writing the films. 

DC President, Geoff Johns, makes that statement with a lot of elegance, –but the fact is, it certainly makes things easier to follow. Rather than combining hit TV shows and movies, and having to somehow mash together these two separate dimensions, he sees the value in their separation. The show and films would be vastly more expensive, and elaborate as well if their universes had to be combined anyway. 

source: www.cinemablend.com