“In September Fox granted Neil Gaiman’s DC and Vertigo comic Lucifer a pilot commitment…”

This is so exciting! Neil Gaiman’s many comic contributions to the world of graphic novels includes the dandy character and Lord of Hell, “Lucifer” –who, has his own piano bar in Los Angeles, because to be fair, Lucifer gets pretty bad rep, and has for a long time. Maybe he isn’t happy in Hell, so… he takes off, abandons his post, and runs his bar. And also helps the LAPD punish criminals.

A lot of big names are involved in developing the pilot, –so this is one to watch. I wonder who will play the starring character… Lucifer is portrayed in the comics as being very handsome, and very blonde, as pictured above. I think Alexander Skarsgard would make an excellent Lucifer, –they’re both sexy blonde gentlemen, who might make really awesome vigilantes.

source: www.flickeringmyth.com

Zack Snyder released the first image of Aquaman via Twitter, and, well. We wouldn’t mess with him.

It occurs to me that casting Jason Momoa as Aquaman might have been like, a way to get more girls to watch comic book movies; or at least, a way to get more girls and gay men into the theaters; not that Thor didn’t do it for s plenty, –but he’s so wholesome… and blonde. Jason Momoa is… well. He’s effing Khal Drogo, okay? 

So this is the very first photo of Jason Momoa, aka, Khal Drogo, as Aquaman, –and I really like what they’ve done with him here. Instead of clean cut, white guy who just happens to be able to swim fast and control fish, we get a big merman looking warrior who seriously seems to have an ability for ass-kicking, in and out of the water. Definitely the best choice for Aquaman. 

source: io9.com

“Oliver Queen has faced many different types of bad guys during Arrow, but most of their skills can actually be learned in real life…”

Doug Jones is going to make a seriously creepy villain; his face is weird. Not that he’s ugly, but I mean… he looks like Barney the Dinosaur’s evil skinny twin. And he’s also one of the first mutant type enemies that the “Arrow” hero, Oliver Queen, is going to face on the show. According to my source, Deathbolt is sort of a b-villain, –not really a big name among the evil masterminds.

Something tells me that Doug Jones is probably going to make Deathbolt a name that we remember; I mean, he’s not exactly a big supervillain or anything, but! his characters’ personality and his stage presence alone are a force to be reckoned with. I get the idea of his being similar to the Joker, as he was performed by Heath Ledger; a pretty innocuous looking guy who blows up the character’s potential. At least, the miniature version of that is what I’m hoping for.  

source: www.cinemablend.com

The business of heroes needs saving from the crushing weight of its own data. The Marvel team thinks they’ve built a solution: a massive database that…

Wow. Just wow. The physical representation of the Marvel universe’s characters… is absolutely breathtaking. Visually, it’s just… wow. I know, but hell, is there any other word for it? Graphed out, it actually looks like a Universe; or well, a Miniverse, –the complexity of the Universe itself is infinite, the complexity of the Marvel Universe is finite, –and this is just one of the stunning graphics you can see on the source.

Some of the other visual graphics for the Marvel universe are multicolored, but… phew. I want this in my house. Like, as a giant mural, covering one wall; do you think if it was blown up against one big wall, you could see all the characters and names? All their relationships? My ex-husband would stare at something like that for hours, and most likely, go into serious nerd overload. He might even have a seizure. The Marvel universe is… beautiful. 

source: www.fastcolabs.com

“Much of the excitement that surrounded this week’s announcement of the deal between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures to allow Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe…”

The idea is that somehow Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are going to get together and make the perfect, or the “correct” Spider-Man movie, whereas everyone else has been doing it wrong. I personally, refuse to believe that Sam Raimi has ever done anything wrong. He could kill one of his girlfriends, like Phil Spector, and I’d still be rooting for him, because hey, she probably deserved it. Anyway, the article does bring up a few good points.

For example: no more long, drawn out, 45 minute intervals of backstory. Dude. And then every movie not only gives the backstory/origin story, but then, it continuously flashes back to the death of Uncle Ben. Origin + flashbacks is overkill, –and we support the suggestion that they should just keep origins and stuff in the flashbacks, and keep them short. Move on to better villains, and better support for Peter Parker, –not Spider-Man. He’s a loner, and needeth no sidekicks. 

source: www.hollywoodreporter.com

“Over the past 75 years, the Superman symbol has been rendered in a wide variety of styles…”

In almost a century, the Superman logo has been changed over and over… sometimes more than once in a year, other times, more than 40 years were between one change and another, –for example, the huge gap between 1944 and 1986. Man of Steel #1 was revitalized and resurrected in 1986 and the emblem was very subtly changed, and it wasn’t until ’93 that it was changed again.

And those are just the changes that it went through in the comic books, –in films, it was another story, and the changes weren’t as numerous, but there were still plenty. The infographic can be found by clicking through the source link, it’s really great, and totally informative. For example, it’s theorized the 1978 logo worn by Christopher Reeves was handsewn by one of the characters in the movie, which is why the logo was so sloppy looking. 

source: www.fastcocreate.com

Not all comic book movie characters originated in comic books.

Of course, some of them might have been added later, but I doubt it. My favorite in this whole huge list, was Max Schreck. He was played by Christopher Walken in Batman Returns, –and first, because this is Christopher Walken, as this incredibly sexy guy with white hair and a big coat. He was hot. But my other reason for loving this character is that he is named after the actor to play Count Orlok in Nosferatu

Most people don’t know that, bit of trivia for you there. Anyway, the #1 character to be added to a comic book movie, after never been featured in the comic book, was “Nuclear Man” pictured above, in his appearance in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. If you haven’t seen the older Christopher Reeves Superman movies, you’re missing out. Check out the other eight comic book movie characters and learn some of the trivia behind their genesis.

source: whatculture.com

The latest offering in Scribd? Comic books! More than 10,000 were added today!

I know this doesn’t initially sound like a big deal, –especially to diehard Kindle lovers like myself, but! the thing is, Scribd has a lot more to offer than Kindle Unlimited, –which is a subscription based service like Scribd. Think of it as Netflix but for books. Scribd came out first with the obligatory eBook selection, then audiobooks, and now, they’ve added comic books, –a huge boon to people who want the latest in their favorite publisher’s releases.

Proof that Scribd is better than Kindle Unlimited? The source article was written by a Kindle Paperwhite owner, who admits the temptation, however, Scribd has a bigger collection, and! it’s cheaper. If you haven’t tried a subscription service yet, I strongly recommend this one.

source: www.teleread.com